Who Are We

Art of Clean is a Cambridge based family owned cleaning company offering a quality service and making sure that all clients are happy with the service they receive!
5 star rating for carpet cleaning

Art of Clean is rated 5 star on Google over 140+ reviews

Cleaning Service Cambridge
Deep Cleaning Removes Dirt, Germs & Mites
Eco-Friendly, Safe Cleaning Products
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Fast, Effective & Personalised Service

How good could you get if you’d done it since 2005?

That’s when Pierre de Wet and Laurence de Wet founded Art of Clean on principles of:

  • Knowledge 
  • Workmanship
  • Customer focus

In 2007 Pierre received his first certification from the world’s most recognised body for certification in our industry, the IICRC.

Industry Recognition
Hard work pays off! In 2018 we received a Special Recognition award in recognition  of our support and dedication to the National Carpet Cleaner’s Association. 

2020 – UK Enterprise Award for Best Floor and Furnishing Cleaning Company Cambridgeshire 2020.

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Visit our Knowledge Center and get brilliant cleaning and maintenance advice from our founder, Pierre de Wet.

Trusted & Established
Today we’re one of the largest specialist cleaning and restoration companies in Cambridgeshire, Essex, Herts and Suffolk.

Art of Clean

Our Mission

To Deliver The Most Outstanding Service Experience Ever.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the go-to, friendliest, most recognised specialist cleaning and floor restoration company in East Anglia and the surrounding areas.
Cleaning Service Cambridge

Meet the Art of Clean Family

The office team:

Nicola | Office Manager


She’s the reason we run like clockwork.


  • Safe pair of hands
  • Smooth operator
  • Expert flower arranger

Vicki | Sales & Marketing


Vicki even finds time to get involved with occasional pre-quote site visits.


  • Pre-quote client contact
  • Serial marathon runner
  • Never forgets birthdays
Carpet Cleaning Cambridge

Our Outstanding Technicians:

Joao | Wood & Upholstery Specialist


If it can be restored, Joao will restore it.


  • Unbeatable attitude
  • Skilled wood restorationist
  • Restores the unrestorable

Warren | Hard Floor & Patio Specialist


You’ll meet few with more grit and determination.


  • Dedicated family man
  • Always concrete outcomes
  • Perfect seals every time

Brandon | Stone Cleaning & Restoration Guy


Brandon levels-up fast. First he mastered upholstery, now he’s nailed stone care.


  • Solid as a rock know-how
  • Multi-discipline ability
  • Knows his carpet-care too

Jack | Our Class Act Team Support Guy


Jack truly is one of all trades. The team is lucky to have him.

Craig | Wood-Sanding Specialist


Like all our guys, our resident jockey Craig doesn’t finish until the finish is finer than fine.


  • Experienced property manager
  • Material installation know-it-all
  • Commutes on horseback

Rob | Upholstery & Vinyl Floor Care


No team’s complete without their elder statesman. Rob’s our team veteran.


  • 30+ years’ in the industry
  • A true Art of Clean elder
  • Our walking knowledge bank

Matthijis | One of our newest members of the team


Family runs in his veins – Your gran will love this guy as much as we do!


  • Worked with Disabled children
  • Easy Going
  • Considerate

Robby | One of our newest members of the team


Once he dives in, there is no stopping him.


  • Worked in food and Hospitality.
  • Scuba Diver
  • Kind, Cooperative & Consistent

One BIG Family

We're one big happy family. When you hire us to clean you're invited into our family too.

Art of Clean staff
Warren Blows

I have been working with art of clean for 4 years, and I can honestly say it has been the best company I have ever experienced working for. The team are helpful and great to get along with. Everyone works on a high professional level, Pierre is approachable and nothing is too much trouble if you have any problems he’s always there to help you over come your problems, he’s also just an overall kind person.

February 1, 2021

Art of Clean

Team Events

We started at the Prospect Trust in Reach with Mark Cornell. We planted over 100 trees in the morning!

Then we did some Karting at WildTracks Activity Park and Nathan was the winner: 1st place. Well done!!

We then worked on our individual goals, board breaking, arrow breaking and the final: fire walking with Steve from Success Formulae.

Thanks to our amazing team!

Art of Clean
Art of Clean
Art of Clean
Art of Clean