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Healthier Carpets Mean Healthier Living & Work Spaces

Whether it’s a home environment, or commercial spaces, our exclusive, carpet-cleaning process is a breath of fresh air for healthier people.

We’ll even do the heavy lifting and move the furniture for you.


  • Eco-friendly methods
  • The most advanced machines
  • Gentle, but thorough deep-cleaning

Quality is In the Fabric of What We Do
We’re nationally recognised and NCCA certified carpet cleaning specialists because we take no shortcuts in treating your carpets to the most thorough, eco-friendly carpet-cleaning processes known to man.

Our Process
Step 1: High-filtration vacuuming
Step 2: Moving the furniture

Step 3: Pre-treat stains

Step 4: Heavy-duty pre-spray
Step 5: Hot water extraction
Step 6: Residue rinse

Step 7: Protective tabs

Step 8: Grooming

Step 9: Fabric protector

Step 10: Dry, dry and dry some more

See below for full process details

Do you want your carpets to last longer and look cleaner all the time?

We offer 3 different carpet packages for carpet cleaning in Cambridge:

Designed for those who want premium quality carpet cleaning of their whole carpet area including the removing and replacing of furniture AND are concerned about slashing the level of pollutants circulating your home and affecting you and your families health.


The Carpet Clean and Protect package is designed for those who won’t compromise and want premium quality exhaustive carpet cleaning PLUS specialized treatments to reduce pollutants and allergens PLUS they want an application of anti-stain protector PLUS they want to be able to choose and tailor the service to deal with their specific concerns.

The protection we apply is an invisible barrier. It will be easier to remove any spillages and the carpet will stay cleaner and last longer. Carpet protector will help to keep your carpet clean!



The Carpet Clean Maintenance Plan is an on-going maintenance plan designed to keep your carpets and soft furnishings clean, healthy and looking good all year long, year after year. You will actually save more money than you realise because you can expect your carpets and soft furnishings to last two to three times longer before you need to replace them. And best of all, the carpets will always look good. You get clean healthy carpets all year – which makes your home healthier!

With the Maintenance Plan you get: ​

All of our services are Backed by our 100% money back service guarantee.

We get outstanding results


What our Clients Say

Hayley Klein

What a wonderful company. Polite, friendly, responsive, good value for money... excellent customer service. Thank you

April 6, 2021

Duncan Johnstone

Warren was with us at the predicted time and we were impressed that he spent so much time working on our sofas and carpets. Although it has taken a couple of days to get everything completely dry again after the steam clean we are very pleased with the finished results. Everything looks like like new again!!

April 6, 2021

Rob Ward

Really impressed with the service from Art of Clean! They were easy to get in touch with, responsive, polite and on time. Couldn't ask for any more.

April 6, 2021

TFY Camb

As the owner of a Domestic Cleaning Company I always recommend Art of Clean for carpet cleaning and stain removal to my clients. In fact they are so helpful and responsive I even call them our 4th Emergency Service! Brilliant service every time with a wealth of experience and knowledge - I recommend them 100%

April 6, 2021

Martin Sayers

Art of Clean recently sanded and oiled my very old and tired wooden floor. The result is absolutely fantastic - it looks like a brand new floor. They were also prompt and professional throughout the whole process - from initial quote right through to post-sale support. Very highly recommended.

April 6, 2021

Stuart Logan

Delighted with the Service we have just received from the Team at Art Of Clean, professional, personable and thorough. The carpets look great and will definitely use again.

April 6, 2021

What is the Art of Clean carpet cleaning process?

Know the 10 steps process to the cleanest, healthiest carpet cleaning in cambridge you’ve ever seen

1. High-filtration vacuuming

Super high performance vacuuming Designed for heavy-duty cleaning, your dog would hate them, your carpet will love them.

2. We do the heavy lifting

We move the large furnishings , you move smaller valuables (Like vases. And the kids). If unsure, just ask.

3. We Pretreat Stains

We will pre-spot your carpet for all difficult stains. Then we will carry out specialist stain removal techniques on stains – or that we know will be difficult to remove using non-specialist techniques.

4. Heavy-duty Pre-spray

Next, the electro-mechanical spray Lifts oily dirt & pollutants out of fibres Sounds fancy. (because it is!)

5. Hot Water Extraction

Special Extraction Rinse done. Next, the extraction machine, it looks a beast because it is a beast.

6. Residue Rinse

We leave a residue-free finish this helps prevent re-soiling

7. Protective Tabs

To stop carpet rust & stain marks. It’s the little things that matter!

8. Grooming

Groom to best possible condition, with a grooming rake that detangles. A nice fluffy finish, where possible.

9. Fabric Protector

Prevents easy resoiling, buys you time to dab up spills and makes the next clean more effective.

10. Dry, DRY, and dry some more

Say ‘NO’ to soggy floors and furnishings. Our drying tools will blow your socks off. Get your floors & furnishings back quicker

The Results...

A ultra clean carpet that feels fresh and like the first day it was fitted.


Your First Choice For High Quality Carpet Cleaning

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