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We’ll collect and deliver rugs within a 25 mile radius of Cambridge.

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What Rugs Do We Clean?
Art of Clean will make light work of deep-cleaning all rugs and any fibre types, including silk, artificial silk, wool and synthetic.

  • Persian rugs
  • Iranian rugs
  • Afghan rugs
  • Moroccan rugs
  • Indian rugs
  • Chinese rugs
  • Tibetan rugs

See our full 10-step rug cleaning & treatment process below

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Our 10 step process to the cleanest rug in Cambridge

Know the 10 steps process to the cleanest, healthiest rug cleaning in Cambridge you’ve ever seen:
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1. Rug Pre-Wash Inspection

Each rug we receive here at our rug cleaning plant in Cambridge is inspected for any pre-existing conditions. In most cases soil covers up variations in dye (abrash), fibre staining, prior dye bleeding, worn areas or white knots that become “uncovered” after the wash. Some of these are weaving characteristics (abrash and white knots), and others are damage that can possibly be repaired or reversed. Also we will inspect for moth damage. The dyes of your rug are tested for colourfastness. If the dyes are not colourfast, then the rug is prepared by setting the dyes. Then the pre-wash inspection allows us to choose the correct method of cleaning for your precious rug.

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2. Dye Testing

Dye testing is done to determinate the stability of the dyes used in your rug. Most fibres are dyed using a mordant process, which is a chemical reaction that binds the dye to the fibres. If the dyes are not stable, they will bleed as soon as they get wet (one unstable colour can ruin an entire rug!!)

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3. Rug Dusting using 3 Different Systems

Some rugs can hold up to one pound of dirt per square foot before it will “look” dirty. Cleaning a rug with pounds of fine grit and dirt in the foundation will turn this dry soil into mud…so dusting is a very important step in the washing process. Then we will vacuum the rug first and then use our vibrating system machine which acts like an “army of gentle rug beaters” carefully loosening the deep down dirt out of both the front and backing of your rug. The machine will gently remove the dirt from your rug with 40 000 gentle harmonic vibrations per minute… that means your rug will receive over 1 million gentle dirt loosening-vibrations during its massage. Air Dusting is also used to remove dry soil from old and fragile rugs for total peace of mind that no damage will occur.

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4. Rug Cleaning

Next we will apply a heavy-duty carpet pre-spray specially designed to electro-mechanically lift oily dirt and pollutants from your carpet fibres and suspend them floating in an aqueous solution ready to be quickly and safely extracted from your carpets using our state-of-the-art extraction machines.

Air Dusting System
Having been cleaning rugs since 2006 and over the years we have seen rugs that simply love to hang on to dust and dirt between the fibres. We have tested so many methods to remove as much of the soil as possible. The most effective way was combining vacuuming and vibrating the soil out using our rug Badger in combination with a very powerful but gentle air dusting system. Many times we literally get pounds of “fibre destructive” dirt, dust, pollen, pet hair and allergens out of a single rug. Imagine the harm all the dirt has been doing to this rug year after year! There is no other Rug Cleaning firm in Cambridgeshire that utilises so many trusted methods to remove dry soil from your rug.

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5. Rug Decontamination Bath

All rugs with odour causing sources such as urine, mould, mildew, or insect infestations require decontamination. The decontamination bath is the only way to reduce the above odour. Please note that not all odours can be successfully removed. (Some rugs with a latex backing can be challenging)

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6. Rug Rinse

Removal of all cleaning and soil residue by means of clear water rinse is vital of achieving a thoroughly clean rug. The rinse process utilises clear water at a gentle flow rate to ensure the rug is left without any residue after the cleaning process.

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7. Rug Centrifuge Extraction System

This process ensures that the drying of your rug is speed up 10 times compared to any other method used by other cleaning companies. This totally eliminates the chance of mould growth, colour run, browning and any other issue associated with sloppy wet rug taking weeks to dry.

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8. Rug Protector

After the rug has been cleaned we can move on to applying the protector. The barrier coats each fibre to protect against re-soiling and staining. This allows you to simply mop up spillages as it prevents the fibre absorbing spills. We will also groom the face fibres to leave it in its best possible condition. This usually means we run a grooming rake over the rug to ensure the fibres are tangle-free and as ‘fluffy’ as possible.

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9. Rug Drying

Air movers and dehumidifiers are used to help facilitate drying, without the use of high heat (so there is no worry of shrinkage). Upon a first wash, it is typical for a rug to shrink slightly (less than an inch) – just as cotton and wool clothing does in even a cold water hand wash. And as with throwing wool or cotton in a high heat dryer, you know this shrinks natural fibres…this is why we dry our rugs the way we do.

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10. Rug Fringe Work and Rug Finishing

Fringes are inspected and occasionally washed an additional time. They are then dried. The rug is given a final grooming with a brush. Each rug is then carefully wrapped to ensure its cleanliness during transit. We will then deliver the rug directly to your home and unwrap it for you.

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If you would like to receive our “How to protect your fine hand woven rug” booklet then please do not hesitate to contact us with your address details and we will send you our unique booklet. If you need more information on how we clean rugs in Cambridge, feel free to have a look at our specific website for rug cleaning.

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