A Fun-Filled Family BBQ: Celebrating Dedication and Togetherness

A Fun-Filled Family BBQ: Celebrating Dedication and Togetherness

At Art of Clean, we believe in recognising and appreciating our dedicated staff and their families. We recently organised a memorable, fun-filled family BBQ celebrating dedication and togetherness. It was a chance to express our gratitude for their hard work and ongoing support. This fabulous event also brought together our sister companies: Art of Flooring, Farthings, and Ultimate Floor Care. It created an atmosphere of friendships and celebration.

With delightful South African dishes prepared by our fantastic technician, Robby Nelson, exciting activities for children, a delectable feast, and a raffle with exciting prizes… it was a day filled with laughter, delicious food, and shared moments of happiness.


The South African Touch

Under the clear summer sky, the Art of Clean family gathered for a day of relaxation and fun at our headquarters. Robby Nelson, our talented technician, showcased his cooking skills by preparing two mouthwatering South African dishes. The Oxtail and Red Wine Potjie was a delectable concoction of tender oxtail slow-cooked with aromatic spices and rich red wine. Its succulent meat falling off the bone made it an instant guest favourite. Equally tantalising was the Chicken and Dry White Wine Potjie, featuring juicy chicken simmered to perfection with fragrant herbs and the subtle notes of dry white wine.


The Teams Contribution

The Art of Clean Team complemented Robby’s creations with various delectable side dishes and traditional Burgers, hotdogs, and chicken. From vibrant salads bursting with freshness to creamy coleslaw and delicious potato salads, there was something to satisfy every palate. Desserts ranged from decadent chocolate brownies to luscious cakes, offering a sweet ending to the delightful culinary journey.


Raffle Time

Our raffle prize giveaway promised a chance to win an array of enticing rewards. People eagerly awaited their turn, hoping to score prizes ranging from Tesco’s vouchers to just-eat vouchers, ensuring something for everyone. A separate raffle offered age-appropriate water guns and bubbles as prizes to ensure the children didn’t miss out. Their eyes sparkled with anticipation as they clutched their raffle tickets, waiting to see if luck would favour them.

The event’s centrepiece was a sparkling swimming pool, but the weather was slightly cooler than expected. However,  it became a filling station for the children’s raffle prizes. The children’s laughter echoed as they splashed around with colourful water guns and chased bubbles floating in the air.



Beyond the sumptuous food and thrilling raffle, what truly made the day extraordinary was the sense of togetherness and unity. Pierre, Laurence, Nicola, Joao, Robby, Pieter, Mark, Craig, Rob, Matt, Bradley, Lizzy, Sam, Michael, Tracey, Christine, and their families embraced the event’s spirit, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Children’s laughter echoed throughout the venue, intermingling with conversations and stories shared by our staff members.


Missing but not forgotten!

The family BBQ at Art of Clean was a day filled with laughter, togetherness, and gratitude. However, amidst the festivities, there was a tinge of sadness as we missed the presence of a few cherished team members. Vicki, Sally, Phil, Cameron, and Warren could not join us due to various commitments, and their absence was felt deeply throughout the event.
As we enjoyed the delicious food and engaged in friendly conversations, we couldn’t help but reminisce about the unique contributions and vibrant personalities of Vicki, Sally, Phil, Cameron, and

Warren. Their dedication, passion, and camaraderie have played an integral role in shaping the Art of Clean family.
While they could not be with us this time, we want them to know that their absence did not go unnoticed. We missed their contagious enthusiasm, unwavering support, attention to detail, and exceptional expertise. We eagerly await the opportunity to have them join us at next year’s family BBQ.


The Clean UP

The collaboration extended beyond the BBQ itself, as everyone chipped in to tidy up at the end of the day. This collective effort embodied the strong bond that exists within the Art of Clean family. It was a testament to the dedication and teamwork underpinning our success.


Why we had the Family BBQ:

The family BBQ at Art of Clean was a resounding success, leaving indelible memories of joy, laughter, and gratitude. It was an opportunity to acknowledge our staff’s hard work and their families’ unwavering support. The event promoted celebration, togetherness, enjoyment of South African cuisine, fun activities for kids, and a delightful feast. The raffle made for an exciting end of the day. We are immensely grateful to our amazing team, their families, and our sister companies for making this day unforgettable. At Art of Clean, we believe in nurturing a vibrant and united community, and this event served as a testament to that.


Check out this short YouTube and see how amazing our Family BBQ was:

Written by Tracey Gilbey, Marketing

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