Local Hero Nominations 2023

Local Hero Nominations 2023

Every year, the Art of Clean highlights individuals who have significantly impacted our community. The Local Hero Nominations 2023 was no exception. This year’s event was a heartwarming journey through our community, meeting those dedicated souls who often work behind the scenes for the greater good.


The Start of a Heartening Journey

Our day began with a visit to the Cambridge Fruit Company, where the ever-smiling Nisha greeted us. It was the perfect start to a day filled with inspiration and gratitude.


Local Hero 2023: Caroline and the Way Youth Club Scheme

First on our list was Caroline from the Way Youth Club Scheme. This charity plays a vital role in organizing youth clubs and activities in Waterbeach.

Thanks to Caroline’s efforts, countless children have a safe space to learn, play, and grow. Recognizing her dedication, Christine FS nominated Caroline as a local hero, a title she truly deserves.


Local Hero 2023: Sara Alexandra: A Pillar of Support

Next, we met Sarah Alexandra at her pub in Littleport, not for drinks but to honour her tireless efforts.

Sarah has been instrumental in organizing local events for various charities, including the air ambulance. Her efforts in sponsoring the local football team and other charities have not gone unnoticed.

Vanessa, who nominated Sarah, firmly believes she is a true local hero. In her own words, Sarah shared, “We raised about £10,000 this year for charity, and we do it because we love it.”


Local Hero 2023: Suffolk Hedgehog Hospital and Its Guardian Angel, Sue

Our visit to the Suffolk Hedgehog Hospital revealed Sue’s selfless work. She and her team have cared for hundreds of hedgehogs, often even when resources were stretched thin.

Sue’s commitment to these creatures is nothing short of heroic. Despite challenges, she maintains an environment where these little ones can thrive and eventually return to the wild.

Until very recently, everything Sue has done, she funded herself too. She even sold her business to buy land to expand now that she registered the hospital as a charity last year! (Big interview and more about Sue to come this year!)


Local Hero 2023: Lifeline in Cambridge: Sarah’s Compassionate Contribution

Lastly, we met Sarah from Lifeline in Cambridge, nominated anonymously. Described as “caring to the ninth degree,” Sarah spends her days offering a listening ear full of love, compassion, and understanding to those in need.

The heartfelt email we received the next day underscored the impact of her kindness.


A Day of Recognition and Inspiration

This year’s Local Hero Nominations reminded us of the extraordinary individuals among us. Their selfless acts, often unnoticed, make our community a better place.

Celebrating them is not just about recognition; it’s about inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.


You can check out our fabulous day in this short YouTube:


So, as you can see… the Local Hero Nominations 2023 was a journey of discovery, appreciation, and inspiration.


From Caroline’s dedication to youth development to Sarah’s passionate charity work and Sue’s commitment to wildlife conservation, each story is a testament to the power of community spirit. Sarah from Lifeline embodies empathy and care, proving that every act of kindness makes a difference.


As we conclude this heartwarming journey, we extend our deepest gratitude to all the nominees.


They are not just local heroes; they are the pillars of our community!


Their stories inspire us to be better, to do more, and to remember that every one of us has the potential to make a significant difference in the world around us.


Thank you for following the Art of Clean’s Local Hero Nominations 2023. Let’s continue to support and celebrate these incredible individuals who make our community a brighter and more caring place. If you have someone you think deserves some recognition, fill out this form and hopefully they win for this year: Local Hero Nomination 2024!


Written by Tracey Gilbey, Marketing and Admin Coordinator at Art of Clean.

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