Wicken Fen Community Project

Wicken Fen Community Project

Art of Clean holds four events throughout the year. Three of the events are to thank the team for all their hard work, and we combine one event with helping in the community.

This year, our community event was to go to Wicken Fen Nature Reserve to help them get ready for the winter.

Why we went to Wicken:

The communities around us invite us into their homes. They entrust us to keep their floors and furnishing look clean and smelling fresh. Doing something to help in their community is our way of saying thank you!

After all, you are the reason our team can support their families!

So this year, we decided that helping at a local nature reserve was what we would do. At a local village that we are supported by and are grateful for!

How our day started:

We arrived at the unit to have a team breakfast, ready to start our day out.

Sausage and bacon roll all around, as well as a few words from our fantastic leader, Pierre De Wet. He thanked the team for all their hard work this quarter and thanked them for volunteering their time to help with the day!

Off we set:

After a quick clear-up after breakfast, we all set off to meet at our destination, Wicken Fen Nature Reserve.

We arrived and got ourselves ready, did a head count and set off to meet the Ranger “Ajay Tegala”.

Ajay greeted us with a big smile and a gorgeous black lab (who became our favourite team member of the day).

The rangers gave us a quick brief of what we would be doing that morning… We would be walking around the nature walk, ensuring the pathways were accessible for both walkers and horse riders.

The team’s eyes lit up… cutting back trees was suddenly fun!

Pieter and Robby took a wheelbarrow each, and we got ready for a 20-minute walk to where we would start.

If you haven’t been to Wicken Fen Nature Reserve, I highly recommend it! It is so pretty and, if you like taking nature pictures, a charming walk to go on!!

(Add images of the walk)

When we got to our destination:

We all grabbed our chosen, too, and off we went.

Now, I’m not exaggerating… I could not be prouder of the team!! You will see from the video that they jumped into action and worked really hard to make the clearing!

Our Rob even did his own little check to make sure the clearing was okay for all our lovely horsey people!! (watch the video; it shows my team perfectly… and the horse testing part was my favourite!)

Honestly, they got stuck in and really made a difference!! Cutting back bushes… and cutting back trees! Nothing was too hard for the Art of Clean team!

Even our new team member, Lindsey, got stuck in. He had literally only started that week, and you would think he had been part of the team for years. Check him out in action below and in the video at the end!

I like how Ajay put it! He was pleased with how much we helped and how enthusiastic the team was.

And they really were… so enthusiastic! They very much did Art of Clean proud!

As the Marketing Coordinator, I was more than proud to be part of their team and look forward to many more years of volunteering in our communities!

After doing our work, we all slowly walked back to the unit, where the rangers gave us a well-deserved glass of water.

I have to say a big thank you to Ajay and his team for the warm welcome and for allowing us to help them for the morning! We loved it so much we are hoping to go back next year!!

Mealtime for the best team:

After a morning of hard work, we treated the team for their hard work, both for the quarter and for the community project they enthusiastically completed!

Where did we go after the community project?

We went to a lovely pub in the fantastic city of Ely. The Hereward was very welcoming, and the food was Amazing!

We all laughed, and it was so nice to relax out of work and be able to chat with them all!

Check out this video to show our team hard at work and play:

Written and edited by Tracey Gilbey, Marketing and Admin Coordinator at Art of Clean.

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