Can mouldy upholstery cushions be cleaned?

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We all love a clean sofa and cushions, especially if we like a afternoon nap at the weekends.

We at Art of Clean Cambridge, get asked can you remove mould on upholstery where the furniture or cushions have been exposed to moisture. This can be very common in older properties or if you have left your furniture or cushions in a shed or garage for a long period of time.

What can be done?

This depends on whether the mould has grown through the cover and into the stuffing or cushion. If the mould is just on the outside of the question normally the cover can be taken off and our Dry Cleaners Farthings Cambridge or Trumpington can send them off to be cleaned for you. If the mould has sunk through onto the stuffing, then this will need to be changed. The sooner you notice the mould the better, so the mould is to a minimum and the filling does not need changing. This can turn out costly and not so good on the envioroment.

Can mould damage my health if not dealt with?

Yes, breathing in mould particles is poor for your health, as mould produce allergens, irritants, and toxic substances. Prolonged exposure can reduce lung function and cause health problems such as asthma. So, it is always best to get your furniture or cushions cleaned if they have mould on them.

This video can help you more:

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