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Like me you may have been to the gym before. You may have been through the gruelling training that feels like it never ends. At first you feel your body change. It is great, though it is small gains. You then hit a point where you feel nothing much happens. This is the point where you must keep going. It is only well down the line that you look back on photos of yourself that you realise how much you have changed.

This happens in so many facets in life.

I have experienced the exact same with my leadership skills.

You put in the hard work though you do not always see the rewards straight away. It is only when you deal with a very tough situation that requires you to dig deep and be the best leader you can be that you step back and think – “Wow – look at what I achieved.

Now I believe you see the same in your relationships and with connection to industry associations.

We have been very long standing members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association. The NCCA support members that wish to commit to set standards and thus offer their clients piece of mind that they will do the right thing and look after their floors and furnishings in an approved way.

We have recently had one of those moments when you feel a big gain from the work you have put in. In our support for the NCCA by hosting training at our rug cleaning plant in Chittering, ensure all our technicians are trained to the highest standard as set out by the NCCA, knowing everyone at the NCCA on a first name basis and ensure we follow up promptly on work we gain through we gained recognition.

Art of Clean was awarded an award for the support to the NCCA

Dave Wheadon of the NCCA dropped by and handed over our award as we could not attend the award ceremony earlier this year as Pierre was working on a floor in France.

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I would also like to point out that there are many other NCCA members in the UK that also do a massive amount to fly the flag for the NCCA and we all benefit from that. Your hard work does not go unnoticed.

We must share with everyone that we would not be able to do the great work we do if it is not for the amazing team of people that work with us. To all our great team – Thanks so much.
See our team here –

We would hereby like to thank everyone at the NCCA for the trust you place in us and the recognition by this award. It truly means a lot to us.


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