How to care for your cotton Velvet Upholstery

Upholstery Cleaning

Cotton Velvet makes an amazingly Cosey sofa and the feel is just divine.

It can complement any room and give it a unique look.

Here at Art of Clean, we have cleaned many types of sofa fabrics since we started the business back in 2005 and to this day, Cotton velvet fabric is still the one that needs the gentlest care.

This article will help you to get the most from your cotton Velvet Sofa and chairs.

Like the term cotton velvet express – velvet can be made up of many different types of fibres. In most cases, we see cotton velvet or synthetic velvet. Synthetic velvet fabric can be wet cleaned and respond well to steam cleaning or hot water extraction. Cotton velvet, on the other hand, is much harder to clean. Due to the high absorbency of cotton, the fabric will absorb liquids very easily and this cause pile distortion instantly. You must choose a cleaning company that knows and understand cotton velvet and can care for it in the right way. It is essential to know that stains and marks can be tough to remove from cotton velvet.

Do the following to care for your cotton velvet sofa every day. 

Start by getting Fabric Protector applied when you buy the sofa. This way, you reduce the risk – (please note: reduce and not remove) of spills becoming permanent stains or marks.

Regular vacuuming will benefit but take care with hardened plastic nozzles, as these can leave marks on velvet.

A regular plumping of loose filled cushions and a good vacuum would help a lot. Do not to neglect your plumping duties as the feathers and lose filling can migrate, leaving your cushions misshaped and lumpy.

Have a no drinks rule on the sofa would help as a liquid spill will leave the fabric distorted.

Sunlight can cause fading in some cases, so keep your sofa out of all-day sunlight. Do not keep your upholstery too close to open fires or radiators.

Velvets are prone to mark a little under pressure. Pressure marks are easily removed by gentle steaming and brushing the velvet with a soft and gentle brush.

DIY cleaning

Do not be tempted to clean different parts of your sofa separately as washing can lead to slight colour changes. It’s best to do them all at once. If in doubt, seek the advice of a professional. Avoid Wet Cleaning / Wet Washing at all cost – Cotton velvet should never be wet cleaned.

Fixed cover: 

(This includes your seat, scatter & back cushions)

Get a professional upholstery cleaner in as they can clean your sofa in situ.

Removable covers: 

If your sofa has removable covers, please do not put them in your washing machine. Beautiful fabrics need love and attention and should only be cleaned in situ by a specialist cleaner. You can speak to your local professional dry cleaners – see

Stains or dirt: 

Mop up any spillages as quickly as they happen by using a dry, absorbent kitchen towel or clean white absorbent cloth. Place this over the spillage and press down gently to absorb as much of the spill as you can. Do not rub or scrub as this can distort the pile of the velvet fabric. Before you use any cleaner, always pre-test it on an inconspicuous part of the sofa.

Cotton velvet is a fabric that is cleaning using specialist dry cleaning solutions only, and all cleaning results may be limited due to the care required to maintain the pile and structure of the fabric.

Be aware that with this type of material it’s, not always possible to remove stains and marks. Feel free to call us for further advice and guidance.

For further advice or information on our Carpet and Soft Furnishing care, please don’t hesitate to contact the Art of Clean team on 01223 863632 in Cambridge. Our services include Carpet CleaningUpholstery Cleaning, oriental and area Rug Cleaning, Curtain Cleaning, Patio and Driveway Pressure washing, Leather Cleaning, Stone and Tile Floor Cleaning and Wood Floor Sanding and Restoration. We also supply new flooring and carpets through our sister company Art of Flooring. Our Dry Cleaning service is provided by Farthings Cambridge.


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For further advice or information on our Carpet and Soft Furnishing care, please do not hesitate to contact the Art of Clean team on 01223 901551 in Cambridge. Our services include Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, oriental and area Rug Cleaning, Curtain Cleaning, Patio, and Driveway Pressure washing, Leather Cleaning, Stone and Tile Floor Cleaning, and Wood Floor Sanding and Restoration. We also supply new flooring and carpets through our sister company Art of Flooring. Farthings Cambridge provides our Dry-Cleaning service

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