Should You Clean Your Carpet Or Replace It?

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Today, we’ll explore a common dilemma: carpet cleaning vs replacement. We’ll guide you through the signs indicating the need for replacement while highlighting the environmentally friendly benefits of professional carpet cleaning. By the end, you’ll have the knowledge to make an informed decision that fits well with your lifestyle and values.

Section 1: Signs Your Carpet Needs Replacement, not Cleaning.

Over time, even the most luxurious carpets begin to show signs of wear and tear. While regular maintenance can extend their lifespan, there comes a point when replacement is necessary. Here are some strong indicators to help you choose if your carpet is due for a change:

1. Irreversible Stains and Damage:

Deep-set stains, burns, or tears that are impossible to remove or repair can significantly impact the appearance of your carpet, diminishing its overall appeal.

2. Persistent Odours:

Lingering odours… despite thorough cleaning, may indicate deep-seated mould, mildew, or pet-related issues. These can be challenging to eliminate entirely, warranting consideration for replacement.

3. Excessive Wear and Traffic Patterns:

High-traffic areas that have become noticeably worn, matted, or flattened may not respond well to cleaning treatments. In such cases, a replacement could be a more effective solution.

4. Bumps in the carpet:

This is a huge indicator that your carpet is de-laminating. What does de-laminating mean? De-laminating refers to a condition where the layers of a carpet starts to separate or detach from each other. This issue can occur due to various factors, such as poor manufacturing, excessive moisture exposure, or improper installation. When de-laminating happens, the carpet loses its structural integrity, causing it to become loose, wrinkled, or uneven. Not only does de-laminating affect the carpet’s appearance, but it also compromises its durability and functionality. In such cases, professional assessment and timely action are necessary to determine if you can save the carpet through repairs or if replacement is the best way to restore the carpet’s original quality and beauty.

To understand this more, check out our YouTube video at the end.


Section 2: The Environmental Benefits of Carpet Cleaning over Replacement

As environmentally conscious consumers, we all strive to make choices that reduce waste and minimize our carbon footprint. When it comes to carpeting, professional cleaning offers several eco-friendly advantages over replacement:

1. Reduced Resource Consumption:

Replacing carpets involves producing and transporting new materials, contributing to energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Carpet cleaning, on the other hand, utilizes existing resources, minimizing waste and conserving energy.

2. Preservation of Landfill Space:

Discarded carpets occupy considerable space in landfills, as they are not biodegradable. By opting for cleaning instead of replacement, you reduce the burden on landfill sites.

3. Conservation of Water:

The manufacturing process for new carpets requires a significant amount of water. By extending the life of your carpet through cleaning, you help conserve this valuable resource.


Section 3: Your Premium Carpet Cleaning Partner

Premium Carpet cleaning companies specialize in providing high-end carpet cleaning services tailored to the needs of our discerning clientele. Here’s why our expertise makes us the perfect partner for your carpet care:

1. Advanced Cleaning Techniques:

Their teams utilize top-of-the-range, van-mounted equipment. They also come with professional techniques to ensure your carpets are cleaned thoroughly, leaving no residue or damage behind.

2. Eco-Friendly Practices:

We prioritize environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that are safe for your home and the planet. Our techniques minimize water usage and reduce the need for harsh chemicals.

3. Professional Expertise:

With years of experience in the carpet & upholstery cleaning industry, your highly trained technicians understand the unique requirements of high-end carpets. They employ specialized methods to rejuvenate and preserve the beauty of your carpet.


When it comes to maintaining your high-end carpeting, finding the balance between replacement and cleaning is crucial. Understanding the signs that indicate replacement is necessary empowers you to make an informed decision. Additionally, opting for professional carpet cleaning lengthens your carpet’s life and contributes to a greener, more sustainable planet.

At Art of Clean, we are committed to providing premium carpet cleaning services that align with your luxurious lifestyle and environmental values. Contact us today… see if we can enhance the beauty and longevity of your treasured carpets.

If you’re very sure your carpet needs changing, our sister company, Art of Flooring, would be more than happy to give you a premium customer experience when choosing your next investment.

Here is a short video explaining all you have read and more…

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For further advice or information on our Carpet and Soft Furnishing care, please do not hesitate to contact the Art of Clean team on 01223 901551 in Cambridge. Our services include Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, oriental and area Rug Cleaning, Curtain Cleaning, Patio, and Driveway Pressure washing, Leather Cleaning, Stone and Tile Floor Cleaning, and Wood Floor Sanding and Restoration. We also supply new flooring and carpets through our sister company Art of Flooring. Farthings Cambridge provides our Dry-Cleaning service

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