Why has my Carpet gone flat?

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So, you’ve just had your lovely new carpet laid and you’re ecstatic with your home and how it is looking.

Then 12 months in and you start to notice the carpet going flat and dull in the door entrance or areas with heavy foot traffic. Vacuuming does not help, and you start to wonder what I can do? When choosing your Carpet, it is so important to choose wisely and keep in mind these couple of tips that might help with this important decision.  

If you choose a synthetic fibre (olefin/polypropylene or similar – Bleach Cleanable) you will find this will happen sooner rather than later and vacuuming the carpet will not help. These fibres have not got any crimp, this means once the fibres have laid flat you will not get much of a lift back.

If you choose a wool or wool mixed carpet you have a much better chance of this not happening so quickly and when it does go flat a simple Vacuum will give these fibres a lift again. The best vacuum we at Art of Clean can recommend is the SEBO brand. You can buy these Vacuums direct from SEBO or from John Lewis Cambridge.

Art of Clean Cambridge is a professional Carpet Cleaning company, we are proud to have been awarded one of the best options for Carpet Cleaners in Cambridge by Cleaning Service Reviewed.

For further advice or information on our carpet cleaning services please don’t hesitate to contact the Art of Clean team on 01223 863632 in Cambridge.

Who can I contact if I want to replace my Carpet?

We also have our sistering company Art of Flooring,  they can help and advise you on any of your carpet replacement needs. They have fully trained staff on hand to advise you on the best Carpet for your home and interiors so you can achieve the result and look you want for your home. Art of Flooring will come out to your home and give a free quotation at a time to suit you.

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