How time flies… Art of Clean turns 15 in December!

Art of Clean Team

In December this year Art of Clean will be 15 years old. Laurence and I worked at Nandos in Cambridge up to March 2004 when we travelled to South Africa for 2 months and then France for 1 month.

After the trip, we chose to get married and settled back in Cambridge. For a short, while I worked as a Man with a Van and then fell into Window Cleaning as I bought a Window Cleaning Round in Cambourne.

I remember when the winter settled in, I could hardly get out to clean windows due to icy weather. A friend suggested I started cleaning carpets.

My mother’s words played over in my head “If you do something – do it to the best of your ability!” I realised that if I started to work in Flooring and Soft Furnishing care, I must give it my all and become the best I can be at it.

Laurence and I chose to sell the window cleaning business and that was when Art of Clean formed as you know it today. We worked very hard at it over the years and we are so proud of what we achieved. We had many highs and many lows. We had some extremely exciting projects like working for Anthea Turned back in 2008, Sanding wood floors at Norwich Cathedral and Bury St Edmunds Cathedral in 2012. Some of our very regular clients also know of the low times we had, and we are so grateful for the support from them in that time. A great part of our success is totally down to our amazing team members.

I have worked so hard to develop my leadership skills in over the past 5 years and I am extremely proud of the improvements I have achieved. Like anything – Becoming an outstanding leader is a journey and not a destination. I wish to take a moment to acknowledge our amazing team.

Sam is an amazing General Manager at Art of Flooring at our shop in Milton Road in Cambridge. He is supported by Jack – AKA Spyda in the warehouse who ensure everything gets out to our clients on time and to spec. He has such a positive and cheerful personality. If you ask him how he is doing, he always says “Living the Deam”.

Laurence works with Kate at Farthings Dry Cleaners in the Shop at Milton Road and though Kate are new to the business she is learning fast and doing a great job.

Over at Art of Clean, I wish to make some noise about the following team members:

Nicola and Jo are our senior team members at Art of Clean and they are the 2 rocks I lean on every day.

They are supported by Craig who does super work on Wood floors with Jo.

Warren is our Stone Master and he loves making stone floors look great again.

Brandon is a super-fast learner and growing at a very fast pace as an amazing flooring and soft furnishing care expert.

Tia has recently join the team to help us with our specialist services like Oriental Rug Cleaning, Curtain Cleaning and is she has free time she supports Nicola in the office. She is s superstar.

Vicki is our newest member of the team and she will help with the sales and marketing.

The man that ensures our equipment works like it should every day and support our technicians is Simon. He is a superhero. If machines are not maintained they do not work as they should, this can lead to carpets and furnishings re-soiling fast after it has been cleaned. We have had some clients reporting they used other firms who also use Van Mounted “Truckmount” cleaning machines but found their floors and furnishing got dirty soon after the clean. That is why we have Simon to ensure our machines work as they should.

Over the years we have served about 15 Thousand Clients.

Many of our wonderful clients have emailed up to say “Thank You” to our team for the great work. Nicola and Jo suggested earlier in the year that we ask our clients to encourage every client to give us feedback on Google and Facebook. We did give away some prizes for feedback in the past, but we chose to spice it up a bit and bought a beautiful Rug from Persian Tribal Rugs at Burwash Manor and a Sebo Vacuum Cleaner. We received many testimonials and we had a live draw on Facebook. We are so grateful for all the kind words and support. A massive thanks to everyone.

The winners of this draw were: Maggie Naylor for the Sebo & William Henderson for the Persian Rug.

Both Laurence and I wish to thank YOU so much for your support over the years. This means the world to us.

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For further advice or information on our Carpet and Soft Furnishing care, please do not hesitate to contact the Art of Clean team on 01223 901551 in Cambridge. Our services include Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, oriental and area Rug Cleaning, Curtain Cleaning, Patio, and Driveway Pressure washing, Leather Cleaning, Stone and Tile Floor Cleaning, and Wood Floor Sanding and Restoration. We also supply new flooring and carpets through our sister company Art of Flooring. Farthings Cambridge provides our Dry-Cleaning service

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