What’s that water stain on my carpet or rug?

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Why does my carpet or rug have a water stain on it? This will be something called pile reversal and is very commonly found on dense, high quality, cut pile carpets. This is not a defect and is not seen as a fault with your carpet.

This occurs when the tufts of the carpet start to sit in opposite directions, sometimes towards each other and sometimes away from each other. This can make areas of the carpet or rug look wet or stained.

There are no certain causes for this to happen on your rug or carpets, but can be several reasons why pile reversal will appear. A high level of foot traffic and uneven floors underneath the carpet or rug causing light to reflect in a different direction can be two common causes.

So, what can be done to remove this watery looking stain called pile reversal?

Sorry, I can’t give you better news but unfortunately, nothing can be done about pile reversal and carpet cleaning or rug cleaning will not help. You can do some simple steps like moving your rugs to avoid the heavy foot traffic or move the rug away from any uneven areas.

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A video that also might help understanding pile direction below:

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