How can my Karndean LVT floor be restored?

Stone and tile cleaning

LVT flooring looks amazing and is so tough wearing, but over time can start to look a bit tired and dull in places.

So, your LVT floor starts looking a little worse for wear in areas and you want to revive life in it instead of taking the drastic much more expensive option of a new floor!!

What can be done to my LVT floor?

A new dressing can be applied, this is an acrylic dressing that acts as a barrier to the LVT floor. So, the acrylic coating takes the brunt of any scuffs that happen and saves the floor from being permanently damaged.

How can I prevent my LVT floor from getting scuffed?

Keeping on top of the soil removal is so important, especially if you have a gravel driveway. You can be bringing in the gravel and soil on your feet and this will be scrapping and scuffing the surface of the floor. A doormat is always good, so when you enter the house, you can wipe your feet before walking on the floor.

What can Art of Clean do to help restore my floor?

We will thoroughly clean the floor, then go over the floor using a special pad to remove any imperfections on the floor.

Then will do is re-apply a coat of dressing for you, the dressing we will use is from Dr Schutz and has a Matt finish. We use a Matt finish because the standard dressing has a shine to it, and we recognised that our clients prefer the Matt finish as it’s much more in line with today’s home fashion. Be aware that even the Matt finish has a slight shine to the floor.

Please see video below to explain this in more detail:

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