Stone floor Restoration: How do we know how?  

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So, stone floor restoration – how do we know how? We know how because we take our knowledge very seriously here at Art of Clean. To you, it’s just a floor cleaning, floor restoration or flooring business. For us, it’s all a part of building a relationship and giving you the best service we can. 








And who wouldn’t want Matt, with his amazingly cheeky smile, to light up the room?… So that we can send him out to you and offer the very best of any of our services, our technicians have regular training to ensure they constantly update their skills.

In September 2022, our guys got together at our depot in the beautiful little village of Chittering to update their knowledge about stone floor restoration.

I caught up with our stone specialist, Brandon, to get his take on a few things. The interview was excellent; I learned much about why we do so much training.

So, the interview went like this:

The first question I asked was, ‘What did you do on your stone floor training day?

Brandon responded that this training session mainly concentrated on polishing and cutting natural stone floors like limestone, travertine, and marble.

They learned to work with Stone as a team so the client gets the most out of their money.

He explained how they learned to deal with etching, staining, yellowing, efflorescence etc… we damage the tiles and then fix them.

The next question I asked was, ‘Why do they do stone floor training?

This time he went into more detail as he felt pretty strongly about the reasons. Firstly, he explained that we do stone floor training to ensure our clients get the best from our service.

It Keeps them fresh on what to do and one step above the rest. We can’t offer a 5-star service but only be worth a 3.

The training we have all done helps us understand the different types of natural stone floors and how to deal with each problem. Learning about all stones and other cleaning methods is essential. Every stone must be treated as an individual as they all need different treatment depending on their needs.

Specific cleaning solutions are bad for certain stones, and cleaning solutions change all the time, so updating this knowledge every month means we can avoid using something we shouldn’t.

I then decided that an excellent question for you is, ‘How does this benefit our client?

His response this time was an extremely good one. He explained that the biggest benefit is practising on stone tiles, which doesn’t matter if we mess it up. As I already said, we damage tiles so we can fix them. Because of this, training days are important because you wouldn’t want us to practice on your beautiful kitchen floor.

Or, like with the solutions, we wouldn’t want to use a solution for the first time if we didn’t know the result.

Doing the stone floor restoration training gives us confidence and the knowledge to help and advise you on caring for your stone floor. Our company mission is to provide all our fabulous clients with the most outstanding service experience. We feel that without the training, we would fail at our mission.  

What did I learn about Stone floor restoration from the interview?

I learnt that we don’t see what we do as just cleaning… It means so much more to all of us than just a clean. Here at Art of Clean, we are passionate about restoring your floor and making you fall in love with it all over again. The training is so that you get the best service we can offer.

After the interview, I came away with great pride, knowing that I was not lying when I said our technicians weren’t just doing a job. All of them really do care.

So stone floor restoration – how do we know how? We know how because we learn how because we care because your investments mean a lot to you, and we want to ensure you get the most outstanding service you deserve.

Here are some of the pictures taken during the training:

Part 1 – First, they used different size grits to sand the scratches they had made:

Part 2 – Then the cleaning starts. Here you can see them using the Numatic rotary machine with the brush attachment to start the cleaning:

Part 3 – Extraction time, this is where they will suck as much water up before going over the stone floor with the same machine, but this time with a different attachment. As you can see below:

Part 4 – More extraction time, teamwork at its finest. And then some polishing to finish:

And just like that, our training stone floor is beautiful again!

Here is a short video of our fabulous team doing a marble stone floor restoration: 

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I hope you’ve enjoyed reading, and don’t forget to come back next week for our blog about me… Yes, it’s time to meet the Marketing Coordinator for Art of Clean and how she got to work with some amazing, kind and positive people. 

Written by Tracey Gilbey, Marketing

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