Meet the Team – The Marketing Addition

Oh no, time to read all about me… the team's newest member. I'll start by saying welcome to Meet the team - The Marketing Addition!

I'm Tracey, one of the team's new cheerleaders! I will try my hardest to keep this short, but to know how I ended up here, you must hear a little about me. I promise, if I can't keep it short, I will keep it funny. (The husband part is the best part, so at least read that part)

About Tracey


Welcome to my wonderful life: I am 43 years old and a mum and wife.

I have six beautiful family members who all rely on me, four human babies, 1 fur baby and one husband. They are all my world; without them, I would not be the person I am today. 

Yasmine Faith Collins, this is my eldest at 25.

This girl is always a ray of sunshine; even when she’s sad, she will try to make you smile. She looks after the family when I’m not well and turns into a bit of mini-me when she needs to be.

Being loving and caring are Yasmine’s best qualities, but like her siblings, she works very hard and lives with her partner in a beautiful house they bought together.

Charlotte Leigh Gilbey, this is my second born and is 20.

Char is very much your typical second child. You would not believe her stubbornness, and she will always argue until she gets her way. To be fair, who could say no to that cute face? Apparently, she gets this from me or so says her father and siblings. (I’m pretty sure they are wrong, though!)

Above this, she loves family with a passion and will defend each of them with all she has. (Bearing in mind she is a little runt of the family, she takes after me with this, too, hahaha) She also works very hard and lives with her partner David in the first place her sister and her partner bought. 

Benjamin James Gilbey, my first-born son, is 18 years old.

Ben is caring, helpful and very hard-working. He received his motor engineering certificate and went straight from college to work full-time with his grandad at Ivor Searle’s in Soham. Without a shadow of a doubt, he loves it!

The only thing I don’t like about Ben is his love for motocross. It scares the hell out of me, but he loves it… therefore I have grey hair, and he has a smile!

Jake Adam Gilbey, the baby of the family at 16 years old.


This one is my gentle giant, towering over his siblings and me. (I’m only 5″ exactly, so they all tower above me) Being the youngest, Jake probably gets away with quite a bit, and his siblings have always mollycoddled him.

My little media and computer geek wants to follow in my footsteps in marketing, website management and digital marketing when he leaves school. (Anyone looking for a marketing apprentice, give me a shout… no really, hit me up, or he’ll try to steal my job!)

Lee is my husband and, honestly, my hero!

Lee and I went to school together the same year, born three months apart ( Yes, I have a toyboy). Before he became my partner, he was my best friend, Yasmine’s godfather! We married in August 2008, and he became my hero in July 2009 when he stepped up and showed me what true love is.

In July 2009, Papworth induced me into a coma. This was when I started the fight of my life… and this is when Lee became my hero. Looking after our children for two months, worrying that his wife wouldn’t make it, I couldn’t be more proud. In September 2009, Lee showed me that I would never have to feel alone or scared again. Reassuring me I would learn to be me again, and he would be right there to help me every step. Carrying me when I couldn’t walk and cheering me on so I could become the person I am today.

But if it hadn’t been for my children and husband, I don’t think I would’ve fought to get to where I am today.  I had to learn to do everything again, from something as normal as breathing!

I learned to do it all again so that I could show my children if you want something, you have to work for it. And I’ve also taught them never to give up on their dreams!

Violet, my beautiful fur baby.

Before Violet, we had Izzy first, my white lab. I thought my world had ended when I lost her, but then Violet came along. I still miss Izzy daily; she helped me when I needed a friend, but Violet has filled her footsteps without even trying.

You couldn’t find a more loving and cuddly bundle of joy, just what you need when feeling down. Sadness doesn’t stay for long with Violet about.  

So, as you can see, it hasn’t always been wonderful, but if you surround yourself with the right people, things start to look brighter.

As I already have the best family in the world, I just needed to look for my work family people, and I found my people here at Art of Clean. 

Things I love to do:

  • Taking long walks with my fur baby and hubby.
  • Love reading and writing.
  • Spending time with my family and friends.
  • Passionate about learning.
  • Being by the sea!
  • Finding TikTok has built my confidence and allowed me to find a community of kind people who like to have fun just like me. 

How long have I worked for Art of Clean, and what do I do:

Starting with Art of Clean at the beginning of May, I had initially applied for the admin position. 

To say I’m delighted that Pierre saw something else in me and made me an offer that I’m so glad I didn’t refuse is an understatement. It has changed my life.

Finding a job you can fit around your family and health is rare, but I found my lottery when I found Art of Clean.

I am the Marketing Coordinator and spend my time:

  • Writing blogs like this one.
  • Sorting through pictures. 
  • Posting on social media.
  • learning what’s new so we keep up with the world. 
  • I’m also about to start learning about videography so I can further my skills for the business. 
  • Managing our google my business and other sites that I need to, check out our reviews here
  • Coordinating with our web designers at Capture Design.

Well, as you can see, I haven’t been doing Marketing long. However, I’ve learned so much already and can’t wait to learn more. 

The best thing is I get to meet some amazing people, and I will forever be grateful to Pierre and his beautiful wife for all they have taught me, and I will strive to be half the person they are.  

The people in the company are amazing, kind and fun to be with, so I can say with a hand on my heart I am genuinely ‘Living the dream.

Sorry if I’ve bored you, but I’m a very keen writer, and this was about you getting to know me, so I hope I’ve covered who I am.

Basically, I’m a passionate, kind and hard-working lady who wants to help everyone she can. I mean it. If you need a cheerleader, I’m there. Need a hand, and I’m there. Just need an ear to listen… I’m right here!

I’m also happy to take requests. If you want to read about something specific about our services, let me know: I would love to hear from you!!

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Written by Tracey Gilbey, Marketing

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