The Difference between Handmade and Machine-made Rugs.

Upholstery Cleaning

It is important to recognize the difference between a handmade and machine-made rug when wanting it cleaned? If your Rug is a Handmade, it will be cleaned slightly different.

It would be difficult to see the difference in Handmade and machine-made rugs if you are not an expert.

Here are 2 easy steps to work out if your rug is handmade or machine-made.

Look at the back of the rug:

Handmade Rug: When looking at the back of a Handmade Rug the weaving and the knots will look slightly uneven and not perfectly even.

Machine-made rug: When inspecting the back of the rug it will look perfectly even as this is done by a machine when the Rug is made.

The design when looking from the back of the rug is very important, more design and the better the quality of the rug.

Look at the fringes of the rug:

Handmade Rug: The fringe is in the foundations of the Rug and weaves through the main part of the Rug.

Machine-made rug: The fringe is sewn onto the Rug and is attached as a final finish to the Rug. Machine-made rugs are usually not of any value to Rug collectors.

If you are not sure, ask a rug expert.  Art of Clean will happily help you or give advice if you are unsure if your Rug is handmade or machine-made.

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