What does carpet cleaning cost in East Anglia?

The weather is getting better, and after a good clean, I noticed my carpet needs a freshening up.

I was tempted to change it, but our carpet is only a couple of years old, and I decided that cleaning it may outweigh the cost of buying new.

And that’s where the idea for this article started.

I needed to know what the cost of carpet cleaning would be and if I could do it myself, so I decided I thought I would try to educate myself and you.

This article will cover:

  1. Can your carpet be cleaned?
  2. How do companies price carpet cleaning?
  3. Why does price matter?
  4. Is it worth getting my carpet cleaned?
  5. How often should I get my carpet cleaned?
  6. Is it cheaper to hire a machine and clean your carpet yourself?
  7. How do I clean my carpet myself?

1. Can your carpet be cleaned?

Did you know you can’t clean Sisal carpet? So, this is a question I felt you need to be aware of just in case you have one. (I wasn’t aware you couldn’t or what Sisal was, so we all learnt something there. And I added a photo for reference)





2. How do companies price carpet cleaning?

Different companies will charge different prices.

The premium carpet cleaning firms charge more than a cheaper company, and the difference is the type of machinery and cleaning standards.

Most companies, like us, would provide you with a personalised quote.

I have seen some that do it per room, so everyone is different.

We make sure your service is 100% what you want and need. You wouldn’t want us to charge you when we cannot complete your requirements.

3. Why does the price matter?

Generally, suppose you’re paying for a premium carpet cleaning company. In that case, you will get a van mounted machine, far more powerful than your everyday vax and ready to tackle all your carpet’s needs.

The machines you would use yourself, and the ones a lower-end company might use, often leave a sticky residue because the cleaning chemicals used haven’t been appropriately rinsed or the water hasn’t been suctioned well enough. Now you’re left with a damp smelly carpet that may go mouldy.

Also, the premium company will choose a solution that does the job they want it to, usually a high-end one!

4. Is it worth getting my carpet cleaned?

The answer to this is a tricky one. It depends!

If your carpet is worth a lot to you, then maintenance is essential.

The carpet may only have cost you £80, but your dad bought it, and he has passed away. Being sentimental, you may want to try and save it!

Either way, keeping your carpet cleaned and protected makes the carpet last a lot longer, so it makes a big difference in the long run.

Let’s face it, a decent new carpet could cost anything from £200 upwards, and if you think of it like that, maintenance will save you in the long run.

5. How often should I get my carpet cleaned?

We recommend getting your carpets cleaned at least once every 12 months. (what your carpets collect is a whole new article)

However, how many times will depend on how much traffic goes over it.

6. Is it cheaper to hire a machine and clean your carpet yourself?

Yes, it is considerably cheaper to do it yourself and many people’s options.

This is completely fine, but the machines you can buy or hire aren’t usually as powerful as a company that does it professionally.

7. How do I clean my carpet myself?

You start by clearing the room of all furniture. (Yes. I do mean all the furniture.)

Clearing the room is usually included in a professional clean, but if you’re tackling it yourself, this is the first step and where the hard work begins!

Next, the last thing you want is to clog your wet cleaner with human hair and pet hair, so the next step is to make sure the whole floor is hoovered very well.

Spot stain treatment is the next step. We recommend using a good neutral spot cleaner. Please don’t use anything that has bleach in it as this could damage the carpet.

You should have your choice of the carpet cleaning machine by now, and this is when you get to take that baby for a ride!

Whatever machine and solution you get, always follow the instructions for the device of choice.

Once you have cleaned, always make sure you rinse very well.

Not rinsing well is often the part that doesn’t get done correctly, and a few weeks down the line, you need to do it again. So, always rinse very well.

Another significant step is to dry your carpet as much as you can.

The drying is imperative.

You don’t want your carpet to start smelling damp or worse, mouldy.


And now you have finished, have a look around.

Proud, well, you should be! It’s not easy, and if you’ve done it all right, you should have a lovely new looking carpet for at least 12 months!


If, like me, you have decided that you don’t want to do it yourself the, below are a few questions to remember when seeking the right people:

  • What type of machines will you be using? (Van mounted machines usually are better quality.)
  • What kind of solutions do you use? (We recommend good quality solutions that are neutral based)
  • How do you dry the carpets? (Van mounted machine will be more powerful and therefore will dry better)
  • How long will the cleaning take? (If it’s too quick, be concerned)
  • How good is their rating on Google? (*5 preferably, remembering premium is usually the best way to go)


So, I hope that’s been helpful.

Below is a company we recommend:

Omega Clean 01223 864335


This article was written by our new Marketing and admin Coordinator Tracey Gilbey.

For further advice or information on our Carpet and Soft Furnishing care, please don’t hesitate to contact the Art of Clean team on 01223 901554 in Cambridge. Our services include Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, oriental and area Rug Cleaning, Curtain Cleaning, Patio and Driveway Pressure washing, Leather Cleaning, Stone and Tile Floor Cleaning and Wood Floor Sanding and Restoration. We also supply new flooring and carpets through our sister company Art of Flooring. Our Dry Cleaning service is provided by Farthings Cambridge.

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