What type of Wood Floor finish, Oil or Lacquer?

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So, you have come to the decision that you want to restore your old wood floor. You have decided on what professional company to use and what date you would like the work done but then comes another decision, what finish is best for you and your family. Art of Clean offers two options.

The Pallmann Oil finish which is a mixture of oil and hardener this means no other liquid can be absorbed into your wooden floors, so if you were to spill any liquid accidentally then none of this would go into your lovely wooden floor. Of course, if the liquid were to sit on top of the floor for any length of time, it will start to seep into the wood.

The hardener element of the Pallmann oil protects the surface from small scratches to the wood. The Pallmann oil finishes are very popular with our customer’s in and around the Cambridge area, as they are the most effortless finish to maintain. The Oil finish brings out the natural beauty in the wood, which is another reason why this is popular with our customers.

The Lacquer option acts in a different way, rather than absorbing into the wood surface of your floor; it will sit on the surface.

The type of Lacquer we use at Art of Clean in Cambridge, have flexible qualities, so rather than drying into a solid rigid surface, the Lacquer will flex with the timber when it is scratched or dented. This type of finish is harder to maintain, as although it is durable if you need to touch up and scratches, it is much more challenging. There are also only two different types of finishes available too.


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