Why My Carpet Smells Bad After Cleaning?

Imagine you're in your living room, feeling proud of the deep-cleaned carpet beneath your feet. But then, you get hit with a musky whiff – damp dog or maybe sour milk. Not exactly what you'd expect from freshly washed fibres!

After spending a day meticulously cleaning carpets, it can be disheartening to discover an unpleasant smell the following morning. Carpet smells bad after cleaning; it’s a paradox that frustrates many. Why does something so clean end up smelling so… not?

You might think it’s just bad luck but actually, there are reasons behind this stinky situation; persistent stains resurfacing or moisture trapped within can turn any floor covering into a scent-souring culprit.

Here’s the silver lining – we’ve got your back with solutions! We’re about to explore why DIY tries sometimes don’t quite hit the mark.

Understanding Why Your Carpets Smell So Bad After You Have Cleaning

If you’ve ever wondered, “Why does my carpet have a smell after cleaning?” then read on. There are several common reasons for this frustrating issue.

  • The Role of Moisture in Carpet Odours

A key culprit is improper drying. Excess moisture left in the carpet can lead to a musky smell from mould and mildew growth. This problem isn’t just about your wet carpet smell; it’s also a health risk.

In fact, inadequate water extraction or rinsing due to low-quality carpet cleaning services can leave your carpets soaking wet and prone to developing these nasty smells. So if you notice that damp, musky odour post-cleaning, chances are there’s excess moisture trapped within your floor covering.

  • The Impact of Persistent Stains on Carpet Smells

Persistent stains deep within the underlay can cause another stink source even after a thorough clean. Your rug may look spotless, but lurking beneath lies an old stain that releases unpleasant odours over time.

This often happens when cheaper cleaning solutions fail to fully extract leftover water and dislodge problematic spots hidden deep down in the fibres – leading once again to that sour ‘wet dog’ aroma we all dread.

Note: A comprehensive carpet clean by professionals at Art of Clean not only addresses surface grime but also targets those stubborn stains hidden underneath. It might be worth considering their service next time around.

DIY vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning

We’ve all been there, right? After a hearty DIY carpet cleaning session, your floor covering suddenly develops a nasty smell that leaves you puzzled and frustrated.

  • Common Mistakes Made During DIY Carpet Cleaning

The first mistake many of us make is leaving the carpet soaking wet after cleaning. Excess moisture leads to developing mould in the fibres, giving off a damp carpet smell. A rug that is wet too long can start smelling like a soggy dog – not pleasant at all.

A common reason for this bad news scenario is failing to extract leftover water during the drying process fully.

  • The Benefits of Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners

If we contrast this with professional cleaners’ approach, they use high-end treatments designed specifically for each type of stain or odour. Their deep-cleaning solutions reach problematic spots where usual household products fail.

One such example is Fantastic Services’ professional rug cleaning service. They are well equipped to handle everything from lingering cigarette smells in your white carpets to an old dog smell deep within the fibres.

In fact, it’s estimated that spills and stains not properly cleaned can lead up to 70% odour development. Now add fire-damaged smoke into the mix – another challenge easily tackled by professionals but tough on amateurs using cheaper cleaning methods.

When to Consider Professional Cleaning Services

Sometimes home remedies aren’t enough and that’s when professional cleaning services come into play. Persistent stains often lead back through underlay, resulting in bad odours even after rigorous DIY efforts. Professional carpet cleaning companies have specialised equipment and high-end treatments at their disposal, which effectively remove deep-set dirt and problematic spots, thereby reducing chances of foul stench making an unwelcome return post-cleaning.

Remember – carpets cleaned professionally look better and last longer because thorough removal of excess moisture prevents damage caused by mould growth.

So, your carpet has a funny smell now you have cleaned it. It’s frustrating but not without solutions.

The key takeaways? Moisture and stubborn stains are the culprits behind that nasty smell. Too much water can cause mould, while old stains resurface with a vengeance if not dealt with properly.

DIY or professional services? Both have their place! Avoid common DIY mistakes like over-wetting or using too much detergent. But pros might be what you need when it comes to persistent odours.

You’re armed now! Practical tips such as using vinegar and baking soda can help in maintaining freshness between cleanings.

To summarise: clever cleaning techniques make for fresh carpets – every time!

FAQs Relating to Carpets and Why They Smell After Cleaning:

How do you fix a smelly carpet once you have cleaned it?

Try home remedies like vinegar and baking soda. If the smell persists, consider professional cleaners to deal with stubborn odours.

Why does my carpet smell worse after cleaning?

The culprit might be moisture leading to mould growth or old stains resurfacing. Use high-quality services for deep cleaning to prevent this issue.

Why does my carpet still smell like a dog after shampooing?

Dog urine can leave persistent smells. Professional cleaners are often needed as they have specific solutions for pet-related odours.

How do you get the smell out of wet carpet after shampooing?

Adequate drying is key; use fans or heaters if necessary. Try household deodorisers, but turn to professionals if the problem continues.

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Written by Tracey Gilbey, Marketing and Admin Coordinator at Art of Clean.

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