What are the black lines forming around the edge of your carpet?

Have you moved your Sofa, and behind it, you have found black lines forming around the edge of your carpet? These black marks will usually be more visible around radiators and under doors (particularly the airing cupboard). No matter what you try, it won’t work! You may also have even had professional carpet cleaners, which might have made it a bit better.

So how to stop the black marks around the edge of your carpet?

These black lines are referred to as draught marks in the cleaning and flooring trade.

The movement of air causes these black marks. Air contains pollution, and it has this amazing ability to find a way through into your home. The reason is that hot air rises. Even where the carpet gripper pierces through the carpet backing, the air will flow through and form black dots or lines on the carpet’s surface.

First of all, you will need to try and stop the airflow. With any flooring installation, the sub-floor will need to be fit for purpose.

You can lift the carpet and lay a thick sheet of card, overlapping them and sticking them down with tape, and then around the edge of the seal, the border with mastic or caulk. If your subfloor is made from pine, it is better to lay sheets of plastic down and seal the edges. Once you have sealed the floor properly, you can lay your carpet.

So what can be done if the black marks are already on the edge of your carpet?

Once you have addressed the problem of drafts, you can ask a professional carpet cleaning company to clean the carpets. Although 100% removal can not be guaranteed, the marks might return later.

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