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Equality in the workplace has become a big buzz word in the past few years.

Here at Art of Clean, we have been looking for a female technician for several years now. We are so happy when we could welcome Tia to our team a few weeks ago. She joined the team intending to become a lead technician on specialist soft furnishings including rug cleaning.

Pierre sent out an email to our loyal clients offering a free rug clean for one rug per client as we felt this will give us a great influx of a variety of rugs and it offered a great opportunity to train Tia on rugs ranging from Tibetan rugs, Persian rugs, Pakistani rugs, Gun Tufted rugs, Laura Ashley rugs, Animal Skin Rug, Machine made rugs, Sumac design, Indian rugs – To name but a few .

We did Saturation Clean, Low Moisture Clean, Extraction Clean, Foam Cleaning, Dry Cleaning and special stain removal.
We are very well on our way with the cleaning of the rugs from our clients who kindly offered us the chance to use their rugs to train Tia.

Our training program on rugs means that Tia would always have worked by the side of a fully trained rug cleaner, so we ensure great quality and a safe clean on each rug.

We asked Tia to give us an insight into her time with us so far and this is her take on things:

Since starting at Art of Clean I have discovered there is a lot to learn about rugs what they are made of, where they come from and of course how individual types of rugs should be cleaned! Since Pierre sent out the offer to the clients who have kindly been a helping hand in this process of learning I have encountered several different kinds of rugs from silk made to animal hide.

Now as I am very new to this, I have had a fantastic rug trainer Joao by my side to walk me through each rug. He has taught me several methods of cleaning and how to use the specialised equipment to carry out each clean. He has taught me ways to remove stains to the best of our ability and even taught me how to remove something as stubborn as chewing gum!

I look forward to my journey with cleaning rugs and as training continues, I aim to be become as knowledgeable as the rug masters themselves and add value to the company and our clients.


Pierre teaching Tia how to Block Dry a Rug
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