Brown Paws visit Art of Clean for a Spa Day

Brown Paws is a lovely old bear that had many happy years at his old owner. It is now time to move on to his new owner. His old owner has brought him over to Art of Clean Cambridge for a lovely Spa Day here with Art of Clean at our Cleaning Studio for a deep clean.

We all enjoyed having Brown Paws the Teddy Bear with us, and he said he also had a great time.

He soon learned how we did things around here, and he soon became part of the team.

Our CCTV camera captured Brown Paws as he took it upon himself to give himself a deep clean.

He did stay over in the Canteen in our office one night, and we were shocked to see what he was up to over the weekend we were closed.

Watch the video here –


He learned so quick and that he did such a great job cleaning himself using the specialist Upholstery Cleaning Foam.

You will notice in the video he even took it upon himself to get a thorough vacuum to remove all dry soiling from his hairy Bear Body.

He even found a hairdryer to speed up the drying!

We were so impressed that we ordered him a bespoke leather jacket. We asked our friends at Farthings Dry Cleaners to make Brown Paws this little jacket.

The jacket was then taken to our friends at Sigma Embroidery, where we added some funky artwork to it.

Brown Paws did also notice the little present we got him, and he could not wait to get it on.

You will notice in the video how he used the Wheelie mop Bucket to get to his present as fast as he could.

Old Brown Paws is now ready to leave us all here at Art of Clean and head over to his new home and his new owner.

You may wonder what the logo’s stand for on the back of his funky leather jacket – Naturally, we had such a great time with brown Paws that we placed our Art of Clean logo on it – so he does not forget us and the great time he had here

We had a little word with our friends at Pallmann – Our TOP Wood Floor finish supplier and they have granted Brown Paws an Honorary status as a Parkettprofi contractor This means that any floor sanding work carried out by Brown Paws will come with a 2-year warranty – See more here –

We had such a lovely time taking care of Brown Paws, and we wish him many happy years at his new home.

Brown Paws did ask me to say a massive, big thanks to the following people:

His current owner – “Thanks for bringing me to Art of Clean – I had a Great Time!!”

His New Owner – “Though I do not know you yet – I can not wait to meet you!”

The Wonderful Team at Farthings Dry Cleaners – “In Particular Magda the OUTSTANDING seamstress – I love My Jacket Magda – Thanks so much for your patience to get it to fit me perfectly!”

The team at Sigma Embroidery & Printing – “Zack, Kim and the rest of the team – I love how you spiced up my jacket.”

Pallmann – “Thanks so much to Mike Hamer of Pallmann – The Title of Honorary Parkettprofi Contractor – This is very special, and my jacket and the logo will remind me every day what an important title I hold.”

Lastly, I wish to thank Pierre – the owner of Art of Clean and the excellent team – Nicola, Vicki, Jo, Warren, Craig, Brandon, Rob, Jack (Spyda) and Simon – You all made me feel so safe and welcome. See you all next time I come in for a clean
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