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Can I use White Wine to remove a Red Wine stain from my Carpet?

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Can I use White Wine to remove a Red Wine stain from my Carpet?

You are just sitting down for the evening and enjoying a glass of Red Wine; you reach for the remote and oh dear you spill some on your lovely Carpet.

When you spill Red wine on your Carpet, this requires immediate action, you remember a friend telling you about the white wine trick to remove this. It is a good trick, but I would save the white wine and go grab some white vinegar instead and a clean white cloth or kitchen towel.

Blot up as much of the wine using a clean white cloth, blotting is so important, and be sure not to wipe over the stain. Now dilute the vinegar with about half as much water, then pour the solution onto the blotted stain, when the stain looks lightened blot over the stain again using another clean dry white cloth. Leave the cloth over the Carpet stain until it is dry.

Of course, it is always best to use a professional cleaning company as they have all the correct equipment and detergents to remove the stain safely but try not to wait too long before contacting them because the longer the stain is in the carpet the less chance of it being completely removed as it would have worked its way into the fibers of the Carpet. If you are unsure always ask for advice.

You might find this video helpful:

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