How is the shine restored in my stone floor?

Stone and tile cleaning

Have you ever had to replace a broken stone floor tile and the new one you replace it with is not as shiny or matt as the rest of the tiles, this can really affect the look of the room.

If your tiles are limestone, Travertine, or marble Art of Clean Cambridge can polish the tiles up or make the tiles more Matt-looking, this is not possible on every tile for example porcelain floor tiles.

First what Art of clean will do is go over the tiles using the industrial diamond encrusted pad, these diamonds would have been sprayed onto the pad.

We will start off using a course pad then use a finer pad to get the finest cut on the tile.

Then the magic happens, we will use a polishing powder which has a chemical this will be used with water and will be worked into the stone this will dissolve the calcium in the stone. This calcium is what helps cause the shine on the tile.

You will find this video of Pierre help explain helpful:https:

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