What is the best finish for my wood floor when you have dogs?

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Our pets become a big part of the family homes, but at the same time, we want to protect and make our homes look and feel fabulous.

Art of Clean Cambridge often gets asked what the best finish for our wood floors is when we go out to quote our clients for a restoration.

We mainly offer an oil or lacquer finish to our clients, but we will also advise them what would be best based on what the floor gets used for and the type of environment the floor will sustain.

The lacquer finish sits on the surface of the floor and becomes a more slippery finish, so your dog is running they will naturally extend their claws and try to dig them into the floor. This means the Lacquer finish will not last as long and will wear out very quickly.

The oil finish penetrates inside the wood floor which means it will give the floor a better grip and last a lot longer. The oil finish is a Matt finish and is a very popular finish, Art of Clean uses a Pallmann product and we also offer various colored oils.

You will find the video below that explains this further:

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