How can I remove soot from my Carpet?

fireplace restoration

Are you lucky enough to live in a house with a beautiful fireplace like I did when I was growing up?

I remember watching the TV with my feet up on the fire guide, being told off by my Dad and never wanting to go to bed because it was the only form of heating in our house, so the rest of the house was always freezing.

I also remember the Carpet area around the fireplace is quite grubby, which my Mum had put a Rug over to hide. This dirt was mostly down to the soot coming from the chimney after it had been cleaned or brought in by wind coming down the chimney.

Our Carpets nowadays are so much more precious to us, mainly due to the expense of a new one.

Soot is magnetic and will cling to the fibres in your carpet, especially a synthetic Carpet.

  • The first thing you should do is grab your vacuum Cleaner and adjust the height to the maximum you can make it and slowly go over the area of the Carpet with soot on, the suction and the brush will carefully take the soot from the Carpet.
  • Then drop the height on the vacuum down one stage at a time and keep running it over the area slowly.

Try to avoid wiping the Carpet with any cloths, this will rub the soot into the Carpet and might make the area worse.

To completely remove the soot, we do recommend using a special cleaner, these cleaners will need to be neutralised so we dop recommend you call the professionals in like Art of Clean Cambridge.

You will find the video below helpful:

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