How to keep your house smelling and looking nice when you have a Dog?

We all love our homes smelling sweet and fresh especially when you get an unexpected visitor, and you open the door. When you have a Dog, you get paranoid that your house can often smell ‘doggy’ as they say.

Often, you tend to mask the smell with plugins and air fresheners, without tackling the real source of the problem.

Most the time your Dog will have a regular spot they like to rest if this is a regular spot on your Rug, Carpet or soft furnishings you might notice a dark dirty area appear where they rest. This will be the oils which attract dirt on your Dog, these items will also need cleaning regularly.

In fact, Art of Clean has recently had a question about this very subject. Watch the video below for advice, this will be practically helpful if your Rug is made of Viscose:


You might find the tips below helpful for advice to keep your home smelling and looking sweet and fresh with your beloved pooch:


  • Vacuuming your Dogs bedding once or twice a week.
  • Washing your Dogs bedding at least once every two weeks eliminates these smelling.
  • Vacuum all floors in your home at least twice a week, more times if you get the time.
  • Wash your hard floors using a neutral based floor cleaner & some very hot water once or twice a week.
  • Using blankets to cover your furniture where your pets are allowed stops your furniture smelling bad.
  • Cleaning your soft furnishings, carpets & Rugs are always recommended to be cleaned by a professional at least once a year if you are a pet owner.
  • Cleaning any pet toilets and food areas regularly is also a good idea.


You can do all these things to try and keep your home from smelling, but if your Dog is still smelly then the house will stay smelly.

Just like humans the more you bath your Dog you remove natural oils from the skin and Furr. This causes the glands to produce more oils which attract even more dirt and bacteria.

So, you ask what is the best way to clean my Dog?


  • Brushing your dog on a regular basis can not only keep the fur healthy and shiny but can also remove any loss of dirt and hairs.
  • Washing your Dog using a natural based Shampoo is the kindest thing for their skin.
  • Make sure when cleaning your Dog, you clean the ears, the ears on a Dog is a breeding ground for bacteria. Try using warm water and some cotton wool. Even better if you use a natural ear cleaning solution for Dogs.
  • Give your Dog a wash using just warm water when they have been for a bit of a grubby walk. This helps not just with the dog’s skin but can also avoid bringing dirt through your home.
  • Keeping your Dogs teeth clean is also very important, you can simply do this by giving them some toys, bones, and special dental chews.


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