Why is it a good idea to Seal your Grout Lines?

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If you have a tiled floor, you’re probably always getting annoyed with how grubby the grout can look and how easily it can get dirty. You feel like you can clean and scrub it every day but still does not look any better. ‘Help me’ you might say!

Although it is not essential to get your Grout lines sealed, Art of Clean Cambridge always recommended for the following reasons:


  • It will increase the life of the grout lines; the grout is usually a porous material and absorbs liquids easily. With this, everyday wear and changing climate can cause the grout to crack and become separate from the tiles. If you seal the grout this will certainly expand its life and save you from getting it re-grouted in the future.


  • Your Grout will look a lot cleaner for a lot longer. The porous material that they use for grout makes it easily stain, especially in the kitchen and bathroom areas even when you try to clean them up instantly. If the Grout were sealed this would prevent any liquids soaking into the grout and leaving it stained and dirty looking.


  • Sealing your grout can also prevent any damage to the tiles themselves. The grout protects the tiles and acts as a barricade around the tile. This will stop any cracking or chipping of the existing tiles and save you getting them repaired or replaced.


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