Terracotta Floor Cleaning

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You can greatly extend the life of your terracotta tile floors by following a few simple steps.

The Terracotta surface should be protected with a quality terracotta tile sealer to help prevent staining and etching.

  • Furniture legs should be protected with felt or plastic pads.
  • Standing objects and especially plant pots should be placed on bases to prevent scratching and staining.

Art of Clean use specially formulated solution for cleaning Terracotta.

  • Terracotta tile floors should be vacuumed, or dust mopped with dry microfiber mop daily to remove surface sand and grit and reduce the chance of scratches. I know it sounds excessive, but you will see the benefits.
  • Terracotta tile floors should be damp mopped once or twice per week, and daily on heavy traffic areas to remove surface dirt and soil. Only use cleaners specially formulated for terracotta floors.
  • Spills should be removed immediately. Always blot, never wipe as the act of wiping can spread the spill as Terracotta is a porous stone.
  • Heavy traffic areas should be deep cleaned and resealed on a yearly basis.

If you don’t fancy the stress of cleaning and would prefer a deep clean you can always call on Art of Clean for professional help.

Art of Clean offers 3 different options for cleaning and sealing your Terracotta floor:

Topical sealant: will scratch over time but easier to maintain – makes mopping easier.  Gives a shiny finish but this will dull over time.

Impregnator: will penetrate the Terracotta and enhance colour but won’t be as easy to maintain the floor compared to the topical sealant – leaves a rougher finish making mopping more difficult.

Oil and wax: The oil penetrates the stone giving the tile a warmer colour.  The wax gives a protective sheen. Please be aware that after a prolonged amount of time wax can build up so we always recommend maintenance for this. 

You might find this video our director made about the care of your Terracotta clay tiles:

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