Is it worth having my sofa cleaned?

Is it worth having your sofa cleaned? I would have to say yes. A well-made sofa should last 15 years. I made the mistake of thinking sofa cleaning isn’t important. My well-made sofa, which cost me a lot of hard-earned money, is only ten years old but looks like I’ve had it for 20 years. 

Now I know what you’re thinking: But isn’t it expensive? With the rise of all energy bills, tightening on things that aren’t important seems the right thing to do. 

Okay, so think about it like this:

Looking after your significant investments is important to you and, in return, making it important to me. A sofa is a large investment for your house but a necessary one. We don’t want our guests sitting on the floor when they visit. If its not looked after you

But having to buy new well-made furniture that could cost anything from £2000 upwards is probably something we don’t want to do. The cost of having the furniture cleaned will seem far less when you look at it like that.

Just four reasons to have your sofa cleaned:

  • Extending the life of your sofa.

If you bought it, you probably quite like it, so you don’t want to have to replace it. The longer the dirt and grime stay on your furniture, the harder it becomes to remove it, leading to the breakdown of the fibres. Too much breakdown and your once amazing looking sofa will damage easier.

Our sofas have a lot of traffic. And some have it in the form of paws with lots of furs. Some have the traffic of little people with sticky fingers. Regular cleaning will help to prevent staining, which would ruin its appearance. 

Always remember the longer you leave stains, the harder they are to remove. If you get a professional to do this, they will also ensure that it is protected to make your sofa last longer. 

  • Minimises smells in your home.

As well as the dirt and grime, your sofa will absorb smells. Pet smells, cigarette smoke, cooking, and other smells get trapped in the fibres. 

Yes, fabreeze may mask it for a short period, but they will return, and the number of times a month you spend on that, it would be cheaper to have the sofa cleaned. A professional cleaning company will remove these smells and leave you with a fresh-smelling sofa that will last much longer. 

  • We are producing a fresher air quality.

I suffer from asthma, and my daughter has terrible eczema. I bet you didn’t know that your sofa could be a trigger for both.

What’s the reason being this, you ask? It is because other allergens and dust bury themselves into the material. 

A professional will come with high-tech equipment and the best cleaning products to ensure your furniture gets an adequate clean. Their high-tech equipment will reach places a household vacuum won’t and will remove the impurities that could be affecting your family.

  • It will reduce the potential damage to your sofa.

Many cleaning products you can buy can be very harsh to the material on your furniture and can cause damage if misused. Now I don’t mean you don’t know how to read instructions. I mean, the instructions aren’t always clear enough! 

Professional cleaning technicians will know how to do the job without damaging the fabric, as they are trained to know when they can and when they can’t clean something. They also come with an abundance of knowledge.

So as you can see, having your sofa cleaned by a professional is very definitely worth it!

Below is a video of us doing an upholstery clean:

As you can see, the professionals care and will ensure your investment is well looked after.


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Written by Tracey Gilbey, Marketing and Admin Coordinator at Art of Clean.

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