Can you repair my 5 finger parquet wood floor?

5 Finger Parquet Repairs Cambridge Art of Clean

This morning we received an email from Claire asking if we can help with repairing a 5 Finger Parquet Floor for her. We thought this would be worth-while to share as many people face the same challenge.


Dear Claire

Thanks so much for the photos and more info.

We would love to do what we can to help. Let me start with the less good news. To be confirmed by a site visit and inspection. I base my feedback on many years of experience with these types of floors.

It looks like many of the blocks may be loose. You can also see there may be some Bitumen Glue bleeding trough the gaps.

We find that if many of the blocks are lose it would be uneconomical to lift many of them to glue them back down. A good way to tell is to tap hard of the floor in many places and if it sounds hollow or the blocks rattle it is a good indication of this.

We have experienced in the past that if the bitumen starts bleeding through that it would be much more visible after the floor has been restored.

I would be happy to book a slot to visit though I wish to prepare you for the news that it may (possibly) be not economical.

There are several cases where we did manage to save floors like these though so it is not always bad news.

Feel free to have a look at our video on How to fix loose parquet flooring here:


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