Moth Prevention on my Carpet or Rug.

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Have you started to notice balding areas on your Carpet or Rug? This is more than likely to be something called Carpet moths! Once you have these little blighters destroying your lovely carpet or Rug then it’s difficult to get rid of them so the best thing to do is avoid them.

The best way to prevent the Carpet moths is Vacuum your rug or Carpet regularly and give all areas of your home especially the dark areas (under and behind furniture) a good vacuuming as moths like to breed in dark undisturbed areas. A quick hoover will remove some of the food and dirt that attract the moths, however, a thorough cleaning is needed to extinguish all the eggs.

Using a moth repellent spray on your Carpet or Rug will make it less appealing to the moths, this is not 100% effective and remember to always read the instructions carefully and ensure the product is suitable for your Carpet or Rug.

If you notice moth larva on your rug (they are very small, white caterpillar-like creatures) or bald patches appearing on your carpet or rug you will need professional help immediately as a simple vacuum will not remove the infestation and will continue to get worse.

For Rugs, we will treat them by freezing to -15 degrees.  The cold temperature successfully kills all the larva and eggs.  We then thoroughly clean the Rug to remove any dirt and apply a moth repellent. For Carpets, we will apply a moth killer treatment and give the Carpets a thorough clean to remove any Larva and Eggs.

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