Water stains on your sofa

Upholstery Cleaning

Water stains on your sofa

Removing stains from your sofa can be a tough one.

Wine, fruit juice, coffee, and tea spilled on your sofa, all of which will leave stains on your Sofa and a lot of hard work to try and remove the stain, but there’s one stain that many people underestimate and think not a big deal when the spillage happens and that’s water!

It all depends on what type of material your sofa is made of; water can leave some nasty ugly stains. These stains can be caused by minerals or dirt in the water.

Removing water stains on a fabric sofa the instant you spill something should be a top priority. Not only is it not pretty to look at, but leaving them wet and unclean can trigger also allergies and even invite mold which can lead to illness.

Before you start scrubbing away with all these different upholstery cleaning products on the market, try and find a label on the covers or the sofa. The cleaning/care labels can normally be found underneath the seat cushions.

The best thing to do if you spill water or any liquid on your sofa is to blot it up using a clean white towel as soon as possible.

The care label will mostly advise you on how to clean your sofa and what temps to wash it at, its always best to use a professional upholstery cleaner like Art of Clean Cambridge as they will have all the correct solutions and equipment to remove the water stain the best way without damaging your sofa any further. Always keep in mind it’s not always achievable to remove water stains.

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