What treatment can be used to stop my wood floor from getting white marks on it from accidental spills etc?

wood floor cleaning

We all have accidents on our wood floors with liquids at some point or even our pets can spread water around the floor from water bowls or even just sneezing on the floor can mark it!

This tends to leave white staining on the floor or even the water may seep into the wood instead of laying on top. When this starts to happen, you find that the wood floor protection has started to wear thin or even might not have been treated at all.

We at Art of Clean Cambridge offers two main types of floor protection when you get your wood floors restored with us, the protection we recommend you use will be based on the type of foot traffic and use that the floor gets:

What we can offer

  • Lacquer finish, this is available in matt or shiny. This is good for kitchen areas and even bathrooms and good for heavy traffic areas.
  • Oil finish, this stuff is magic? This is good for lounge areas and bedrooms.

Both Pallmann products are effective with protecting your floors from liquids, the lacquer may be more as it forms a protective layer on the surface of the wood floor, where the oil seeps into the wood and forms protection inside the wood floor.

If you are unsure what product to choose the technician will only be too happy to answer all your questions.

This video can help more:

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