What is Pile Reversal, and can I do anything to fix it?

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You take so long to choose your perfect carpet for your home, but over time you start to notice your carpet is patchy and has shaded areas or you move something, and the carpet looks new underneath and the exposed carpet that’s had a lot of foot traffic seems to be faded. So, what is that patchy, water-stained like mark on your carpet and why does my carpet look all faded in areas.

This is something called Pile Reversal and is very commonly found on dense, high quality, cut pile carpets. This is not a defect and is not seen as a fault with your carpet. You will also notice this happens especially in high foot traffic areas.

This occurs when the Tufts of the carpet starts to sit in opposite directions, sometimes towards each other and sometimes away from each other. This can make areas of the Carpet look wet or stained.

There is one main cause for this:

  • A high level of foot traffic, a area where people continuously walk during the day.

So, what can be done to improve the look of my Carpet?

Sorry, I cannot give you better news but unfortunately, nothing can be done about this problem and cleaning the Carpet will possibly improve the look if the Carpet is trodden down but will not fix the problem.

You will find the video below very helpful and explain in more detail:

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