Does carpet cleaning remove pollen bacteria dust mites and outdoor pollution?

Carpet cleaning service

If you have pets or suffer from allergies it always helps to get your Carpets regularly cleaned and freshened up. This not only is good for your wellbeing and quality of life but also saves you pennies in the long run as it is maintained to a high standard. A Clean Carpet is a happy Carpet.

Cleaning can remove many bacteria and soil in your Carpet along with helping with removing the pollen and dust that causes your nose to explode!!!

First, we will use a commercial type of vacuum cleaner to remove all the dry loose dirt and pollution that lays inside the pile of the Carpet.

Then you have different types of soiling

  • Soluble, we will use a Carpet Cleaning solution to remove this type of soil.
  • Non-Soluble, which we will also use a carpet cleaning solution to remove this type of soil.
  • Water-Soluble soil can be removed by using a carpet solution.
  • Solvent soil which we will need to use a solvent-based solution to remove this type of stain. This will include stains like makeup and another type of oil.

Art of Clean Cambridge will rinse the carpet thoroughly using these types of detergents. Whatever Carpet cleaning company you choose be sure to tell them of your concerns or any areas of concern so they can concentrate on that for you, and they can explain what the outcome is likely to be. This will save a lot of disappointment if the stains, dirt, or pollen is not able to be completely removed.

This video will explain all:

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