Carpet Cleaning: Is Your Carpet Killing You?

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Question: When the toast falls to the floor does it land buttered side up?

Answer: It doesn’t matter as you won’t want to apply the 3-second rule after reading this blog!

When was the last time you had your carpets cleaned?

Experts have revealed that as many as 26 million, almost half of the UK adult population have never washed their carpets!

Remarkable when you consider they also suggest that E.coli and salmonella-causing bacteria could be festering in your carpet.

The same study also found that three-quarters of us admit to wearing shoes inside which means we could be spreading bacteria like Escherichia coli, often found in human and animal faeces, throughout our homes.

Those living with dirty carpets are at risk to a host of germs including dust mites and bacteria which could result in serious health risks – including asthma, eczema and year-round allergies.

A massive 79 per cent knew nasty bacteria and allergens could live in bedsheets, but 63 per cent had no idea they could be lurking in carpets too.

Art of Clean Managing Director Pierre De Wet said: “The study is revealing but not surprising to us. We continually warn of the dangers concerning unwashed carpets. More and more people are experiencing the effects of bacteria and germs, in particular, dust mites can have on one’s health. Especially those most at risk such as asthma sufferers.”

Pierre added: “The best way to tackle this situation is with a regular carpet care plan. It may seem like an expensive option, but when you consider it helps extend the life of your carpet as well as protecting your family from harm, it’s a cheaper route in the longer term.”

Art of Clean is an award-winning carpet and upholstery business local to Cambridgeshire for almost 15 years. A family business that prides itself in delivering a quality, professional job in a friendly manner.

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