Parquet Flooring and can it be repaired?

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If you have Parquet flooring in your home you have one of the most popular and stylish floorings you can get for your home. It is a timeless type of flooring and will never go out of fashion.

We have lots of clients that have purchased an old townhouse and have pulled up the old carpet and found some beautiful but a little bit shabby Parquet flooring underneath.

Parquet flooring can add value to your home and is very appealing to potential buyers, providing it is cared for and repaired correctly.

Parquet Flooring lots of small blocks of wood placed in a geometric pattern to create a decorative floor covering.

The word comes from an old French origin, thought to be a derivative of Parchet (This means a small, enclosed space). You can get several different designs with Parquet flooring, but we mostly get asked about repairing the five-fingered type.

So, can my parquet flooring be repaired?

Yes, but it takes a highly skilled floor specialist to lay this type of flooring and repair it, so we do not recommend you attempt this yourself as it could end in disaster.

Art of clean will send a technician over to inspect the floor and discuss what will be best and what to expect if the floor could be repaired. They will be able to offer a quote for restoring and repairing your flooring.

For 18 years now, Art of Clean Cambridge has specialised in restoring old Parquet flooring with the best results. It is a trendy type of flooring today and has the benefit of being very hard-wearing but looking fabulous in your home at the same time.

Our sister company Art of Flooring, offer the most fantastic choice of brand-new parquet flooring to suit your needs.

If you want a more used look floor, they can achieve this for you. You can find them at 141 Milton Road, Cambridge. CB4 1XE. Contact number 01223 755802.

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