Why is it important to maintain my LVT Flooring?

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We take so much time and thought into choosing our flooring, so when it comes to getting the most out of it is also very important. So, why is it essential to maintain my LVT Flooring?

The key to getting the best out of your LVT floors is to maintain it using the best products to ensure it lasts you a long time, maybe even a lifetime, if you choose correctly.

There are many different brands of vinyl flooring, which include: Moduleo and Karndean are just a few. You can also get many different designs; one of the most popular brands for a patterned tile is Harvey Maria, collaborating with designers like Dee Hardwick, Neisha Crossland and Cath Kidston.

LVT is composed primarily of PVC, which is 100% waterproof compared to laminate flooring. Luxury Vinyl Tiles are becoming popular in bathrooms and Kitchens but more popular in the lounge, bedrooms, and children’s play areas.

What do I need to do?

This type of tile can scratch very slightly, and standard Vinyl does scratch very quickly as it is much softer than LVT. Therefore we would recommend that an acrylic sealer be applied on top of a newly laid vinyl floor.

This process is something known as sacrificial coating and will cope with heavy traffic for several months. After this time, we recommend this coating be stripped back again and brush a new sealer and polish onto the vinyl flooring. Regular maintenance to a vinyl floor is so essential to keep it looking its best.

It’s essential to have the correct floor cleaning equipment and cleaning products for your vinyl flooring. The Vinyl floor will need to be thoroughly cleaned and dried before we polish using a medium high-speed red rotary brush that can be applied and will help maintain the high sheen of the vinyl floor. If you do not complete this burnishing of the vinyl floor, it will lose its high gloss sheen.

We can use a  Matt finish because the standard polish has a shine to it, and we have noticed that our clients prefer the matt look much more recently, but even the Matt finish adds a slight sheen to the floor.

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