What are your Rugs and Carpets hiding from you?

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Imagine how many times a day your Rug gets walked, laid on or even coughed and sneezed on? It’s scary to think about what is lying beneath their fibres.

Art of Clean put it to the test and put some of the dust that was shaken out of a Rug we were cleaning for a client under a microscope, and look what was found.

Scary, I know, but this was a good picture of nastiness. Luckily, little creatures were not visible here, but this is not always the case.

Let me tell you the mixture of things that can be found:

  • Skin flakes – On average, your skin shed 1.5 million flakes a day!! Where do these flakes end up but on your floor and can get stuck in those carpet fibres? Skin flakes can be a lovely attraction to all sorts of mites; they see it as food.
  • Dirt – Your Carpet can keep a lot of hidden dirt in amongst them fibres, and you wouldn’t even know. A lot of foot traffic can bring this in. When the dirt gets in the carpet, it creates stains and can increase bacteria, mould, and bugs. 
  • Pet waste – This can be brought into the home by your pet if you have one or even by your shoes when being outside and then coming in; when you are walking around, just remember your shoes are picking up residue from animal waste, which wipes off onto your carpet when you get home. 
  • Germs – Your carpet can contain up to 200,000 bacteria per sq. inch!!! This is more than a toilet seat alone. These germs can be a cause of allergic reactions.
  • Pollen – This is dust that circulates the air, can cause allergic reactions and asthma flare-ups. The pollen dust must come down and will sit in your Carpet or Rug.
  • Bugs – Wherever you find a Carpet or a Rug, you will find dust mites! Smaller than a grain of sugar, they can cause over 1000 poop particles in days just by feeding on your dead skin. You might also find fleas in your carpet or Rug amongst other multi-legged friends if you are a pet owner.
  • Food or drink – This can be an old or new food and drink. Just remember the above if you drop any food on your carpet and pick it up!

These can open your eyes to what can be lurking in your Rug. Therefore it is important to keep your rugs and carpets clean and vacuumed regularly.

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