Cambridge’s Carpet Cleaning and Home Care Experts: Art of Clean

With a proven record of exceptional service, this award-winning company has become the go-to choice for many Cambridgeshire homeowners. From luxurious carpets to delicate soft furnishings, we ensure that every corner of your home sparkles with cleanliness and care.

Nestled in the heart of Cambridge, Art of Clean lights up like a beacon of excellence in professional carpet cleaning and home care services. 

But why are they able to say this? Well, this was something we should highlight! I feel you should consider it if you are looking for a company yourself! 

So, let’s jump into the details. There will also be links to other sites to find a service provider near you! 


Quality and Service From Art of Clean, Cambridge 

At Art of Clean, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail & our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our team of expert cleaners uses state-of-the-art techniques and eco-friendly products to deliver outstanding results. Whether it’s reviving an aged carpet or maintaining new flooring, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs. We ensure that your home looks its best and provides your family with a safe and healthy environment.


Award-Winning Excellence With Art of Clean, Cambridge

Our dedication to excellence has not gone unnoticed. 

Over the years, Art of Clean has gained a collection of prestigious awards. Awards that reflect our leadership in the cleaning industry:

• Best of Houzz Service Award (2022, 2023, & 2024): 

This recognition recognises our continued commitment to superior customer service on the Houzz platform.

• National Carpet Cleaner’s Association (NCCA) Special Recognition Award (2020): 

This is a testament to our significant contributions to industry standards and practices. Being part of the NCCA is a great achievement and one we are very proud of! Learn more about them here.

• UK Enterprise Award for Best Floor and Furnishing Cleaning Company Cambridgeshire (2020, 2023): 

Awarded for our innovative solutions and expert service in floor and furnishing care.


A Personal Touch From Art of Clean, Cambridge’s Carpet Cleaning & Home Care Experts!

What sets Art of Clean apart from others is our personalised approach. We understand that each home and every carpet has its unique characteristics and needs. That’s why we provide bespoke cleaning solutions to your home’s specific challenges. Our professional, friendly staff are always on hand to offer advice. We’re ready to help you maintain your home’s beauty and functionality long after our service is complete.


Community and Industry Commitment in and around Cambridge  

Our involvement with the National Carpet Cleaner’s Association (NCCA) since 2007 highlights our commitment to the cleaning community and to elevating industry standards. As senior members, we adhere to best practices and actively contribute to developing and improving cleaning technologies and methodologies.


Future Outlook For Art of Clean, Cambridge

Art of Clean is poised to continue its streak of excellence. We anticipate securing the Best of Houzz Service Award again in 2025! This will mark four consecutive years of recognition for outstanding service for you, our loyal clients. This prospective achievement is a testament to our unyielding dedication to meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations.


The Art of Clean Difference 

Choosing Art of Clean means you pick a company that is not just a service provider. We like to think we become a partner in maintaining the longevity and beauty of your home. Our list of awards and recognitions reflects the hard work, innovation, and customer-centric approach that are at the core of our business ethos.

You may not be in our area, but if you go to the NCCA, you will find an accredited company there! You can see the areas we cover at the bottom of this page. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What makes Art of Clean unique? 

Here at Art of Clean, we are known for our award-winning service, exceptional customer care, and adherence to the highest industry standards. Prestigious bodies like Houzz and the NCCA endorse it.

  1. How does Art of Clean guarantee the quality of its services? 

We ensure service quality through rigorous training, adherence to best practices, and using the latest cleaning technologies, supported by our expert team’s NCCA-approved skills.

  1. Can you provide details on the awards Art of Clean has received? 

Art of Clean has been honoured with the Best of Houzz Service Award, the NCCA Special Recognition Award, and the UK Enterprise Award, all of which recognise our superior service and industry leadership.

The Art of Clean is not just about cleaning; it’s about maintaining a standard of living that enriches your life. We invite you to experience the difference with Cambridge’s premier carpet cleaning and home care specialists, where your home’s care is our art.


Written by Tracey Gilbey, Marketing and Admin Coordinator at Art of Clean.

For advice or information on our carpet and soft furnishing care, please do not hesitate to contact the Art of Clean team at 01223 901551 in Cambridge. Our services include Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, oriental and area Rug Cleaning, Curtain Cleaning, Patio, and Driveway Pressure washing, Leather Cleaning, Stone and Tile Floor Cleaning, and Wood Floor Sanding and Restoration. We also supply new flooring and carpets through our sister company Art of Flooring. Our Dry-Cleaning service is provided by Farthings Cambridge

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