Can I use baby wipes on my leather sofa?

You would think that baby wipes would be delicate on your beautiful new leather sofa… Read on to find out the exact truth!

Let’s paint a little picture for you… Your children have grown and are not as messy as they were. So you decided it’s time to upgrade your furniture as it’s all seen better days. I have four children, and this is exactly what my and husband were talking about the other day. But when you invest a significant amount… can you afford to take any chances on your new much-loved purchase? I know I don’t want to have to replace mine more than once! Now, if you feel the same, please at least read the next section explaining whether you should or shouldn’t use them. I will then talk about what you could try and what our process is with the leather cleaning service we offer!

Can you use baby wipes to clean your leather sofa:

Baby wipes are gentle enough to be used on a baby’s skin, so they must be soft enough to use on a leather sofa! Right? Wrong!! These wipes are coated with a chemical to keep them soft and moist, designed to be used on human skin only! Using baby wipes, you will break down the protective layer on the leather. A protector repels dirt and keeps the leather moist, preventing the leather from cracking and peeling. So, if baby wipes are used, you will get a very old-looking new sofa.

Not only that, if the leather protection is cracked, particularly if it is pigmented (protected), stains from clothing will likely transfer onto your sofa, leaving the appearance even worse.
Aniline or nubuck leather is also at risk for permanent damage if the correct products are not used.

The next time you are tempted to just quickly use a baby wipe or any other chemical not designed for leather, remember that professional assistance will provide long-lasting resistance! 

Here are some ways to clean your leather sofa more safely:

Tip 1 – Always follow the manufacturer’s care instructions:

This is tip 1, as it’s very important. There are care instructions on labels for a reason… I admit I’m terrible at following my advice, but it is true. If you follow the information and something goes wrong, you can return to the manufacturer and get a new one!

Tip 2 – Vacuum as often as you can:

Using a soft-bristled brush, vacuum your sofa as often as you can! Your beautiful new sofa will collect as much dust as all the other furniture around it, so if there’s dust on your coffee table, there is likely the same, if not more, on your sofa.

Tip 3 – Wipe with a clean, dry cloth:

Wiping your sofa down with a clean, dry cloth regularly is recommended… microfibre is the best type. Doing this as part of your weekly cleaning will keep the dust from building up. For the more stubborn marks or dirt, use a lightly damp cloth using boiled, cooled water. Ensure the cloth is not soaking wet… Never let the water soak into the leather. This will do damage.

Tip 4 – Immediately clean all spills with a dry cloth:

Always remove the liquid as quickly as possible to ensure it doesn’t soak in. Blotting is best…Wiping the spill will only spread it further! Using a dry cloth, lay it on the liquid and allow it to soak up as much as possible and then blot it away!

If any spill makes a stain, the best thing to do is call your friendly professional upholstery cleaning company. Let them work their magic… remembering they aren’t actually magicians, and some stains are just hard to remove, hahaha!

Tip 5 – Use the correct cleaning solutions for leather:

A lot of the spray we would normally use to clean can harm your new leather sofa. This includes the following:

  • All-purpose cleaners (they may say it, but they are not)
  • Solvents
  • Detergents
  • Furniture Polish
  • Bleach

These will all eat away at leather and, over time, make it look dull and worn. 

The Art of Clean process:

  • Step One: Full leather cleaning Audit
  • Step Two: Leather Cleaning
  • Step Three: Leather “Rinse”
  • Step Four: Leather finishing, Conditioning & protecting.

To see our process in full, please click here.

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Edited by Tracey Gilbey, Marketing

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