When is the best time to start your spring clean?

When the spring arrives it brings beautiful floral colour and wildlife sounds so why would you want to be stuck indoors at this wonderful time of the year?

Winter is the best time to start your spring clean and here’s why:

Health experts recommend we deep clean our homes at least once a year. For many, they see spring as the perfect time to get a spring clean done. We disagree. On average we spend two-thirds more of our time indoors during the winter months. Often as we have no choice due to the bad weather. So why not make the most of being stuck indoors and get ahead of the game with a spring clean?

That way when the better weather arrives, you can get outdoors and enjoy the beauty the season brings.

A clean home is a happy home!

Health experts are increasingly warning of the hazards presented by dirt, dust and germs lurking in our homes. It’s estimated that as many as can be found in the average home.

Frightening right?

Clearing the clutter!

As well as being very therapeutic, clearing your house in the winter could also help with your mental state. Many of us suffer from S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) during the winter months. Mental Health experts suggest a good way to beat its effects is by decluttering your home to bring you peace and tranquillity.

Have we made a compelling case for you to start your spring clean now?

Here are our tips to manage it better:

–    Start small – Don’t overwhelm yourself. As you’re starting earlier, you have more time, so take it room by room

–    Declutter – Make your life easier by getting rid of the items you don’t need. Fewer possessions, less cleaning

–    Call the professional – You’re not lazy when you request the services of a professional for floor and upholstery cleaning. The products and methods they use will ensure a deep clean that frees your home of those nasty bugs and bacteria that are putting your family’s health at risk

Put your plan into action today and reward yourself in the spring with enjoyable walks to the pub while the others are busy cleaning!

Art of Clean is your award-winning local, friendly floor and upholstery cleaning business surpassing customers expectations for almost 15 years. Talk to us today about how we can get you ready for the spring and summer, leaving you to enjoy the seasons.

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